So... it turns out, restricting doesn't actually work

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...What's the Fuck It Diet?

I like to call it the spiritual anti-diet.

It's for anyone who has wasted too much time and energy fixating on what they put in their mouths, what they are going to eat for their next meal, how they look, what they weigh, when they are going to exercise...

If you've been living life from diet to diet, stuck in the guilt/repent cycle, always hoping that the next diet will finally work...

It's not your fault.

There is nothing wrong with you, you are just working with a flawed system.

Diets don't work.

They mess up your metabolism, screw with your happiness, and put you in a never ending cycle of of "someday, when I'm better, thinner, richer, I'll be happy and confident...."

NOPE! That doesn't work. It NEVER works. Never have, never will.

Even if you've been trying to recover from food and weight obsession for years, I promise you, you still can.

(P.S. "intuitive eating" that is done to try and 'eat the smallest amount possible' backfires too. There's a better way. This is more radical than intuitive eating.)

I'm Caroline, and I work with women who are sick of being obsessed with food, weight, health, and diets,

...practically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You deserve to enjoy your life.

Join us.

Be a Body Rebel.

Don't waste one more day being obsessed with food

(You were not put on this earth just to try to be skinny)