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What’s even more radical than intuitive eating?

This is an even cooler, more satisfying (and deeply healing) approach. The only rule is that there are no rules. No guilt allowed.

  • stop restricting food
  • stop hating your body
  • stop worrying about food
  • stop being a slave to exercise
  • stop wasting so many days, months, and years thinking about food
  • read the blog
  • get on the list!


  1. Research intermittent fasting, it works wonders!! and no it is NOT anorexia. It allows you to eat more loosely socially and it allows you to get more stuff done instead of eating. It also makes you live longer and has shitloads of benefits and you don’t have to follow a super-strict diet with this if you don’t wish. In my case, I go out and take care of business during the fasts.

    1. intermittent fasting is great when paired with the proper training regimen. I’m glad you brought this up

      1. I would argue that intermittent fasting is dangerous for people with disordered eating mentality. There is nothing wrong with not eating for a while when busy or excited about a project (a natural fast) and then eating a lot joyfully to make up the calories later or socially when you are hungry and free to eat, so the eating schedule may turn out to be the same thing as intentional “intermittent fasting”- but for many people, especially people on this site, it CANNOT stem from another diet or restriction. We don’t want this: “If I only master intermittent fasting, THEN I’ll be….” Sure, there may be benefits, health and otherwise, to a healthy, nourished body and mind, but when it is coming from a place and mentality of restriction, food fear, body fear, body hatred…. no bueno. You get my drift?

      2. I 100% agree. I think any sort of athletic diet or any “diet” such as IF or IIFYM is only successful when someone is on a training regimen that requires them to eat MORE. I am an athlete and IIFYM actually helped get past a lot of food fears because I had to eat more to supplement all of my training. However, I would not have been able to approach it properly without a coach who understood my ED past. For every day eating and even when I’m not training for something, I say FUCK IT and eat whatever your heart and tummy desires :)

  2. This is just the reminder I needed to give “intuitive” eating a go. What makes this so awesome for me is that it’s not a whole program, book, etc, detailing exactly what to do to learn to listen to your body, etc. That tends to stress me out big time, and feel like a diet even if it is not. Just saying “Fuck It” before I eat has been so powerful, and I’m slowly learning to let go of all the rules and beliefs about food and listen to what my body wants.

  3. HELL YEA!!!! ~~~FID~~~ thats what I’m gonna say from now on,even when my old man nags me like a woman about my weight…I WILL SAY ~~~FID~~~ (don’t like to cuss lol) I’am who I’am sucka LOL… I already feel enpowered!!!

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  5. Well. I top the scale at 455 today. I have been on a 1200 calorie diet for 7 days. I gained 4 pounds! Mother fucker! Fuck it!

  6. Sick and Tired of being a fat-fuck and having people believe I’m lazy when I’m not. Worlds a cruel Goddamn place but if you are slim it’s just tilted to your advantage.

  7. What I’ve found helpful is making sure I eat protein within an hour of waking up, and then preferably at lunch and dinner too. It keeps me mentally stable throughout the day. It only takes 15 mins or so to grill some chicken breasts in the morning so it doesn’t require much, just a bit of conscious effort to start the habit off initially.

    1. I did like it. Amazing amount of negative comments under it! Sheesh!

      And… yes I get that all the time about Annie/Alison Brie! I guess I should try to play her sister on tv.

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