this is even more radical than intuitive eating.


No guilt allowed.

stop restricting food

stop hating your body

stop worrying about food

stop being a slave to exercise

You've been living from diet to diet, constantly hoping that this time you'll do it better and get it right, so you can finally and be skinny and confident and happy?

Or maybe you've even tried intuitive eating but it "didn't work"? Oh! Did you become really stressed about listening to your body and rating your hunger and "doing it right", but underneath it all still really just hoping that it would make you skinny so you could finally be confident and happy? Yea. I know.

Intuitive Eating, conceptually, is great. That's the goal. But we don't get there by obsessing about it. The way most of us try to do it, coming from diets mentality, makes it really stressful. It basically becomes another diet that you try to "get right". Nope. Screw that.

The Fuck It Diet is radical and guilt-free. Join me in the revolution. I will help you get out of your own way.

stop wasting so many days, months, and years thinking about food

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