List of Foods I Never Thought I’d Eat Freely

As I poured myself some orange juice just now, and thought about my weird, yet care-free Sunday of eating: banana, bagel and cream cheese, orange, salad with cheese, now orange juice… I realized: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Here are some more things that 2 years ago I never thought I would freely consume, when I want them, without more than I second thought:

  • gourmet cake doughnuts
  • pretzels
  • BREAD. DIP that bread in that non-perfect olive oil
  • sweetened yogurt (HA)
  • bagels (above)
  • tropicana orange juice (above)!
  • Cream or Whole Milk or whatever there is available, (but skim is gross to me)
  • so many bananas (after I was a raw vegan I never thought I would eat them again, but they are convenient.)
  • SANDWICHES. just eat them – they are filling and so very good.
  • cookies.
  • kit kat bars.
  • pancakes with maple syrup
  • waffles with ice cream
  • haagen dasz by the half pint
  • OH the poTAToes!
  • shit ton of butter
  • food that has shit oils in it, but I am hungry and I am out so who cares.
  • beer!
  • cheese for/with almost every meal
  • pasta. I am hungry and this is pasta ad I will eat all of it until I am not hungry, and everything is good and fuckin’ fine
  • ditto rice.
  • fried rice.
  • pie. pie + almond butter. weird and good.
  • pizza. more than one slice for god’s sake.

There is an infinite amount of foods I could list right now I am sure, but this list is what my glass of orance juice just inspired me to write.

So keep doing what you are doing- keep going- keep eating- keep living and breathing and doing fun things. Keep loving yourself and keep reminding yourself that life is not a stupid diet. Life is life and food is food and I still eat salads because they taste good.

Fuck. It.


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