You Can Get A Lot Done When You’re Not Obsessing Over Food

You can get a lot done when you are not obsessing about food. And you can actually forget about food if you are trying to get a lot done.

NOTE: There is NOTHING HELPFUL about trying to forget about food. Food is good. Food is important. Eating a lot is necessary for staying alive, body tissue, hormones, libido, mood, blood sugar, social lives, metabolism, ETC. All things I have said before. Never try to forget to eat. That is dumb. That is disordered.

However, the times, often, that I have actually forgotten to eat before I leave the house because I was busy worrying about my life and doing the things I cared about and wanted to do were nothing short of MIRACULOUS for the girl who used to think about her next allowed, legal snack every 45 seconds.

We are on this earth to do cool shit. To connect with people. To give our talents. To make a difference. To do what we are meant to do. To get caught up in the fun, exciting, inspiring, beautiful parts of life. And part of that is eating good food. But people who are obsessed with food live their lives through the cloudy, gray lens of food and weight and purity. And they don’t have the time or energy or passion for much anything else.

When weight or idealized and impossible perfect health becomes your main goal instead of: your business, your family, your hobbies, projects, fun, travel, etc- you have stopped living your life.

Free up energy for your life. Realize that food is a placeholder and will never bring you what you want.

Go be awesome.

Fuck It.

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