You Are Not On This Earth to be SMALL

I have had a lot of difficulty navigating the waters of body image.

Body Image has been my number one biggest problem, even when I wasn’t aware of it. Even more than my obsession with health.

For almost the wholetwo years after I made the commitment to the Fuck It Diet, I would still get a look at myself in the reflection of a store window as I passed by and totally seize up in horror that I was “__unimportant adjective__” and not fitting into the “acceptable” box that I always had aspired to fit into.

Well, somehow, somehow somehow, after two years… my perfectionism has nearly fallen away. I just don’t really care anymore about being what I used to need to be.

Part of that has been time, confidence, time, confidence, affirming and affirming over and over again that I am more than what I look like and FUCK anybody else who tries to convince me otherwise. Part of it is writing this blog. Part of it is Body Positivity on Pinterest. Part of it may even have been some casual and sporadic EFT (look it up) and part of it was just plain time and waiting to have mini epiphany after mini epiphany about the way I saw the world and myself.

So, beautiful people, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And please remember this:


None of us on this earth are here to be small and docile. We are here to be expansive and filled with light and life and enthusiasm and compassion, for ourselves and others.

So go and be that.

Stop trying to be small.


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