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(An official, for-real, TFID book to be published soon-ish, but until then... you have these.)


The only way to stop bingeing is to stop resisting bingeing. The more your resist it, the worse it gets. This book shows you how to step OUT of the cycle of Bingeing - but for real. You can't heal bingeing with more control, only letting go will free you from the cycle.

The book will take you through the psychology and anatomy of a binge, show you how to step out of it the cycle, and answer the most frequent worries and fears that come up before, during and after a binge..

"Absolutely genius. Scary as hell, but absolutely genius."

Your beliefs about food and weight are creating your entire relationship with food, and fueling all the stress that you are still experiencing over food and body, and totally sucking your energy.

This book will walk you through every single belief that is standing in between you and food ease. You will get instructions on how to practically, emotionally, and energetically release and heal those beliefs. Available in PDF and can be read on Kindle, iBook, or computer.

"WOW. 1) Caroline's book is brilliant - if you haven't got it or read it, do so now. 2) The end section is SO practical, I LOVE it. 3.) Honestly, even if you think you've read it all before, get this and read it. You'll feel relief and sanity flooding your brain!" - Alice

"I am loving the book!! I encourage all to read!!" -Debbie

The Fuck It Diet
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