Episode 3: Q&A

Show Notes:

Here are the three questions I answer,

Q: How do I keep persisting with this anti-diet approach when I’ve gained some weight and I’ve had to buy new clothes and I’m feeling simply fat?

Q: There are lots of times where I find myself feeling full and satisfied but I still really want to eat. It’s not really emotional or boredom eating it’s just me genuinely wanting to eat because I love food but not feeling hungry.

Q: Where do all the obese people in this country fit into this? My mom has been obese since I was born, and is now diabetic, and I’m afraid I will end up like her. However, she has also been dieting since I was born, and she still seems to obsess about weight.

I also explain the phase we have to go through before getting to food normalcy.

And I tell a story about Google fucking me over, sort of.

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