French Women DO Get Fat

Not all French women are stick thin. Some are. Some aren’t. Some are skinny, some are thin, some are toned, some are plump, some are curvy, and few are “obese”, but even still:

French women do get “fat”. And this “fat” is not a horrible thing.

French women, for the most part (no thanks for Americanization of the globe), eat real food. They enjoy it. They relish it. They eat it.

From what I have experienced, French women are less afraid of their bodies. They aren’t as afraid of curves or imperfections. They continue to eat well anyway. And by “well” I mean Vegetables, Desserts, and everything in between.

At THIS point, I consider my past forays with the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” to have been yet another disordered fat/sugar fearing time of my life. I did it all under the guise of “French intuitive eating”, but I was obsessed. I wanted to be “skinny like a French woman”.

BS! French women, even the author says, only strive to feel “bien dans sa peu“, feel good in your own skin.

If you wanna feel good in your skin, instead of hating yourself: start by deciding to feel good in your skin.

Fuck It.




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  1. Connie says:

    I had a similar experience with that book and other similar books that geared towards enjoying indulgenent foods. At first they seemed refreshing. I used them as another diet book hopping to get skinny. I was left still obsessed with weight and feeling like a failure. Plus I was still hungry all the time.

  2. Ashley says:

    I have just started this Intuitive Eating journey and it’s so scary. Your blog has immensely helped me thus far and I just want to say thank you for writing it. It’s hilarious and thought provoking and honest and I love it<3

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