Healing on the Inside: Success Story

I want to start including success stories.

I think it’s helpful to read about people who used to be obsessed with food and thinness. People who were unhealthy and unhappy. People who decided to give up the goal of skinny and the religion of health food, who have improved their health, their lives, and are now happy people. The first person I am featuring is Anjali, a past mentee and current member of my Life Recovery Program.

Here is her story in her own words:

I started to diet when I was 17 years old. I am 36 now.

Back then, achieving the perfect body seemed like the solution to all my problems. Once I achieved it, I would be loved and safe….

But what followed was very different:

Obsession with my appearance, constant control of my diet and the feeling of failure/depression, when I didn’t abide by the rules. I had bulimia age 18-22 after which I gained weight and felt very anxious and insecure.

Later during my 20s, I tried all sorts of cleanses and diets, avoided social eating because I was afraid of what I might be tempted to eat. My weight fluctuated by 15-30 lbs. Life was lonely and I spent a lot of time reading up on health and diet.

In my early thirties, I started to realize that my ideal was failing me. My health had taken a beating and I needed to heal badly. I was constantly cold and suffered from adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, allergies, menstrual irregularities and poor digestion.

That’s when I began to look deeper into my emotional and mental state which was at the root of my obsessions. In my early thirties, I quit fasting and ate regular meals while still falling back on counting calories or restricting foods. At the same time, I found Byron Katie, Brene Brown, Teal Swan and some other teachers that were paramount in changing my attitude.

My body healed more and more as I added foods back in.

Shortly before I found Caroline, I followed Eat for Heat by Matt Stone for 3+ months while not exercising at all.

I ate as much as I could and let go of all limits. After these months, I felt warmer, healthier and much more free, despite having gained 25 lbs. At the same time, I was ready to eat whole foods and be more active, again.

I still had fearful thoughts about my weight and decided to consult with Caroline. She helped me reconnect with, and love, my body in a way, I never did before. My inner shift was profound.

unnamedSince then, my life has completely changed. I notice how much more peaceful and fearless I am. My confidence soared and I stepped out in a big way.

I now have a very active social life. I eat out often, cook for friends, eat whatever and however much I want all the time, dance and even perform with my group. I play beach volleyball which I never thought I could. My hormones have balanced out and my digestion is normal.

My husband, who always stood by my side, is happier than he ever was. I even bring him work through my wide reaching social network!

Healing on the inside has had ripple effects on everyone around me. I now feel worthy without having to be some sort of ideal.

I am profoundly grateful to Caroline!!! ~ Anjali

Note: Remembering our one-on-one work together (less than a year ago), in her story above she is skims past some big worries she used to have about health, some big worries about skin, some big worries about fitting in, what people were thinking, and “needing” to be healthier in order to have a good social life, etc. (Meaning, she was just like most of you!) As we worked together she started shifting her beliefs to realizing she could actually start doing all the things she wanted now, before everything became “perfect”.

Anjali is now one of the wisest, supportive, and helpful members of the 6 Month Life Recovery Program FB Community. I’m super grateful to her, too!

This accidentally became almost a testimonial, whoops ;-), but I welcome any and all other people who have a success story to tell. Get in touch!