I Was Addicted to Water…

I’m not even kidding.

It started in high school. I started drinking a lot of water because it was so “good for me”. And, I started to notice getting thirstier and thirstier. At first I thought I was a superior being, compared to my mother who “never drank water”.

But then I started to get a little nervous… It was supposed to be a sign of diabetes, right? Excessive thirst? And I was noticing that my thirst didn’t seem to make sense, why would I be so thirsty right after I had a lot to drink? ….Uh oh.

In the recent few years, it was seriously affecting my sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep without at least two huge glasses of water by my bed, and I’d be almost asleep and then NEED to have a sip because of dry-mouth. I would lie there, drifting off, and then dry-mouth would rouse me up to sip more. Then I’d get up to pee before I had even fallen asleep, then start the crazy cycle all over again.

I mean… it was nuts. And I was worried. I knew it was whacked.

And the peeing! Ohhhhh, the incessant peeing.

And drinking alcohol! Forget it. I would have 2 drinks and have the worst headache the next day. And I would have friends who would drink all night and wake up and be fine. “You just need to hydrate- I drink a glass of water before bed”, They’d say.

Ughhhh I had about 10 glasses of water last night before I went to bed……. I guess I’m just super sensitive to food and alcohol.

Beautiful Redemption

Three months ago, the angel of “Don’tDrinkSoMuchWater” came to visit me in the form of an blog post on a site I love. And also, the reason why pretty much everyone who reads my own site is here in the first place: 180 Degree Health. The topic being How Much Water Should YOU Drink?

Go there and read facts if you want some explanation better than: You are actually flushing much needed electrolytes when you over-drink water. It starts a vicious cycle of thirst, even though the water you are craving is just flushing them more, and dehydrating you further. It takes about a week to bust through the dry-mouth. Sip on electrolyte filled drinks, with a bit of sugar and a bit of salt.

Well, it truly was a week of hell. I have rarely been so uncomfortable for an entire week. But now I am happy to say, I need way less water. I drink to thirst. I can fall asleep with just a couple weird awkward sips of water lying down- don’t pee till morning. (What! What!)

And the cure is FREE! Just a bit uncomfortable.

Anyone else addicted to water? Flushing out their electrolytes in the pursuit of hydration and beauty and perfect water-logged-health?


  1. daguttgrl79 says:

    Holy crap, THIS WAS ME!!!!! wow, it’s incredible that other people were o.d.ing on water like I was, and 180degree changed my h2o thoughts as well. Right on sistah!
    I started over-drinking water when I was about 13, which is when I started my first hardcore diet. It sucked. I hated drinking the stuff, so of course I’d make myself chug 44 oz of water first thing in the morning, which grew to multiple times a day… because I was a complete masochist! Plus, I was not a sipper. I had to chug it, and a lot of it, at one time. I used to drink so much I’d get dizzy and get migraines… from water!!!!
    So happy we made it here girl, to the less diluted and happy side 🙂 And less tinkle trips are friggin nice.

    • Caroline says:

      I was also not a sipper. I could CHUG WATER. I would actually chug water in front of my friends when they asked me because they thought it was so strange…. and to think I thought this was an excellent quality….

  2. This was me down to a T as well! (or should that be tea). I was an unashamed white tea addict, partly because of the “drink 2 litres of fluid a day!”, and partly because of the “huge antioxidant content!”.

    I’d often drink 2 large mugs one after the other, wait a little while, then decide it was time for another brew. So glad to be off that train now!

  3. Camila says:

    I’ve passed out twice and seized when I was sick because I would ‘push fluids’ as I’d get so thirsty but not hungry. Going LC was even worse because that made me retain virtually nothing. Since then I always salt my water, mix it with half coconut water. Water is so stripped of these essential nutrients. Matt Stone had a good water podcast on Underground Wellness Radio:

    • Caroline says:

      Yea, that was me on LC with alcohol… I don’t really drink THAT much. But whenever I did it was HORRIBLE especially coupled with my incessant dehydration. Bah!!! Thanks for the link, checking it out~

  4. Brandi says:

    This was me too! I started drinking water because I was told it would help me keep weight off — and shed the pounds that were already on me. But instead, I just found myself thirsty constantly, and needing to run to the bathroom frequently. I totally thought I had diabetes (it runs in the family and I have an extra 20 lbs on me right now). I’ve been able to scale it back to acceptable levels, though I had no idea it was doing that to my electrolytes. Crazy!

    • Caroline says:

      I know, I was so scared it meant I had diabetes. Who knows, maybe it is because of a similar mechanism. I think on 180 degree health he talks about frequent thirst and peeing happening when your body “crashes”. Blood sugar crash? Who knows. All I know is that conventional health wisdom is not always helpful! Good to see you here Brandi!

      • Caroline says:

        Matt Stone wrote to me after having difficulty commenting on this post, I think in response to my comment above. He says:

        “I think it’s appropriate to take the focus off of “blood,” because it seems to me that intracellular glucose and sodium are more important. When they become too low the stress cascade is triggered and blood sugar actually goes up to attempt to deliver more sugar to the cells. The gluco-, as in glucose, corticoids are released to raise blood sugar. Stress has long been known to make people urinate frequently. What’s scary is that when males suffer from this exact same problem they are told it is their prostate gland and given a bunch of medication and weird medical treatments.”

  5. Lynn says:

    I have cut down my drinking since reading Matt’s work, but I probably still do drink a bit too much. You are so brave to go through the thirst withdrawals! I don’t have that motivation yet. 🙂

    • Caroline says:

      It was a REALLY hard week. I just wanted to get it OVER with! And I have to say, today I went to an outdoor festival out in the 80 degree weather and sun, brought one water bottle, and didn’t pee for 6 hours! I peed at 9 am before we left for the subway/ferry to this little Island off Manhattan, then spent the whole day out just sipping the water bottle and didn’t pee til 3 pm! Now, that might be TOO long, but it is nearly miraculous after my years of “water addiction” 🙂

      • Amanda says:

        OMG. I was there too yesterday and had one bottle of water and didn’t pee till I got home!! Well, I did feel really headachey when I got off the ferry back and drank 2 big glasses of water. But it was so nice to not need to use a skeevey porto-potty. What a gorgeous day it was. Did you see the treehouse?

      • Caroline says:

        YES! The tree house was so cool!!! Small world! I was quite drained when I got back too, had to do some coconut water + kombucha. But I still never would have been able to do that a few months ago.

  6. Carolina says:

    I stopped pushing water when I realized that I was using it as a substitute for snacking. I identified it as a “penalty-free” way of continuing the motions of putting something in my mouth and swallowing, despite having no physiological need for fuel or hydration. Drinking water to quell cravings, postpone hunger, or simply pacify myself.

    I decided to drop the goddamn binky. Fuck it.

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