If it Wasn’t Food, It’d be Something Else

You know what the crazy, wonderful, horrible thing about all this food and body image stuff is?


Wasting too much time in regret, worry, and shame is pointless in the end, because guess what?

If this food thing wasn’t happening to you, something else would be.

Life would throw some other curve ball your way in order to say “WAKE UP *|FNAME|*!”

We don’t get off the hook.

I believe life is beautiful, and can and should be filled with happiness, peace, joy, fun and pleasure BUT, these big struggles? They help us learn to live that way. They help is dig deep.

WHY does this happen to us? We’ve got stuff to LEARN. And this journey is a big part of it.

I think we are here – on this earth – partially to grow, to open up, to learn- and this is currently the way life is getting you to do that.

So why not finally get on board?

Stop resisting life knocking on your door!

…And it’s all good. All the pain. All the frustration. All the wasted hours and months and years… it all happened so you could FINALLY, one day, drop the battle and decide to open up.

Let’s decide – right now – to move forward and understand how amazing this past pain is for you.

Instead of wasting time thinking about all the wasted time, take this opportunity to become a freaking butterfly.

Who knows what closed off weirdo I might be if I never experienced this food/body journey.

For all the years I wasted… it CREATED my amazing life. I am who I am because of it. And so are you.

So if this is your time to really do this, once and for all, join us also for the 6 Month Life Recovery… we are starting a GROUP cycle on July 1st.

By December… you’ll be so much closer to yourself.

Wanna do this, for real?

Come look at what the 6 Month Life Recovery group has in store for you. (This is the last time I’ll offer the program for this price!)