If We Were Taught to Value Ourselves

Can you imagine if we were raised to value our own unique spark and presence?

(That special, incomparable, sometimes weird part of us that we normally grow up feel ashamed or afraid of.)

And can you imagine if we were raised to truly experience, inhabit, and value the growth potential of our emotions? If we were allowed to express what we really feel? Instead of fearing the vulnerability, or believing it is weakness, or learning to avoid it with various coping mechanisms?

Can you imagine if we were raised to be proud of who we were and where we are? If we believed we deserved to take up space? To say what we thought?

Can you imagine if the dialogue in our media, culture, homes, and schools was to learn to embrace where we are, who we are, and what we care about?

If we truly learned that we all were valuable and important and good enough just as we were? That no amount of A+s or weight loss or shininess or beauty or popularity could alter our inherent awesomeness?

It would be amazing.

Sure there would still be struggles. There would still be pain and fear and heartache. That is life! We need to experience that part of life to grow. But we would all be so much more equipped to go on our journeys and to show up in our lives fully.

I actually think schools and institutions think that they teach self-worth, but I think in the big picture, culturally, we still don’t.

Too many of us grow up believing that if we can just change and become better, prettier, more controlled, more liked, more acceptable, then we will be happier. THEN we can enjoy our life… and that begins a cycle that never ends until we wake up and realize that self-acceptance and joy has to come first. 

You are already exactly how you need to be to enjoy your life now, you just need to relearn it. (You knew it as a toddler, but we unlearned it.)

It is never  too late to start, but time is a wastin’. We don’t get that long here. Don’t become 80 before you realize that you wasted your life away wishing you were better when you had been enough all along.

Fuck It.