In Defense of Gluten

I am not saying that if you are celiac, or have a legitimate reaction to gluten, that you should start eating it right now.

But for the rest of you who decided to villainize gluten just because the idea is in vogue, and part of the paleo dogma, and maybe just because you may have been confusing the fact that people have Celiac, with the idea that you too must avoid gluten. After all, you don’t avoid peanuts just because people have peanut allergies, and you don’t avoid eggs just because many people have egg allergies. Right?

I am also not trying to tell you that gluten is a health food- that I don’t know- but what I do know- is that this past year I was so afraid of it- but as far as I know I have Zero problems with it.

Why Does Gluten Have a Bad Rap?

Besides the fact that some people (Celiacs) have a strong auto-immune reaction to gluten, gluten can apparently be hard to digest for lots of people. It is the protein portion of wheat, barley, and rye, and it can be hard for our intestines to break down. If we have impaired gut function (which is an imbalance in our gut bacteria), some people have trouble with it and the body reacts badly to it, bringing a host of other problems.

However, apparently a sensitivity can be healed as Cheeseslave said she did by correcting her gut flora. Consuming probiotics in the form of fermented food would be a good place to start to help gut imbalances.

But I have also read people saying that every single health problem can be linked back to a gluten sensitivity… and …. I mean…. it is not easy for me to completely disprove… but come on now. It is probably not true. Whatever health problems I have had have truly never been as miserable and life-altering as my orthorexia.

If you have been avoiding gluten and sense that it might all be for fear-based reasons, my suggestion is to start with sprouted grain breads that you can buy in the freezer section of the health food store- that and true sourdough. Unless you are into making your own- in which case- more power to you!

But after my week of “SAD” food, I am convinced that I can handle it- no problem. I don’t always want it. But I am not afraid of it wrecking my health and life.

Don’t avoid gluten for no reason. Eat Bread and Fuck It!


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