Join us for the July – December Life Recovery Cycle

Wanna have a totally different relationship with yourself by December 2015?

If you are still looking for consistent, tailored support, accountability, and inspiration on your journey to food ease and body love…

There are now two different ways to join my 6 Month Life Recovery Program.

I created the program to be a self-guided email program, able to be started at any time and gone through solo, with the added support of likeminded, awesome soul-seekers in the VIP FB Group who are also going through the program, who may be ahead or behind you by week, but on the same path.

But the other thing I am doing with this program is running 2 Yearly Cycles, one starting July 1st and ending in December, and one starting January 1st and ending in June.

Not only that, but this first cycle, starting in July, will still be offered at the discounted rate of $127 before it goes up.

Read more about the 6 Month Life Recovery Program Here! I hope you’ll join us for the Cycle starting in July.

6 Month Life Recovery CycleJoin us for


And here is some snippets of what the current participants of the program have said so far:

“It’s just perfect. I can reach out and get inspired with the group and I can do your exercises on my own in my journal. It’s been very helpful and I just feel so much more chill and happy lately. No pressure, and no being mean to me anymore. This feels really good.”

“I’m so glad I get one week to submerge myself in each “Lesson”. Many different emotions/thoughts as I begin to ponder… Feeling more gratitude toward my body this evening.”

“Tuning in to hunger and what I feel like eating feels so good. So long, shoulds.”

“I am so thankful to be moving to a place of self-love and acceptance, letting go of all the food and body image craziness. It’s a struggle, but having like-minded folks here is incredibly encouraging.”

“I want to go deeper with this, and it seems like Caroline is onto something. I am reading Healthy at Every Size. I am kind of starting to see how the truth can set me free.”