What’s up with this chakra thing, Caroline?


The first thing my mom asked me when I was excitedly explaining all about the energy and chakra program I took in the fall was…

“…Uhhh, fun… but don’t you worry this will ruin your credibility?”

She meant with The Fuck It Diet.

She meant, You give such important and good advice to people with food, don’t you worry they’ll think you’re a coo-coo woo-woo and dismiss you?

I really wanted to get mad at her for pooping on my dreams. But the truth is…. I was worried, and sometimes I still am, that people will dismiss what I’m saying now because I am leaning into what I really want to talk about: Intuition & Energy.

My response to my mom was something like: “Wellllll, the foundation of my work has always been spiritual. And… you know, some people are really drawn to chakras and energy!”

It’s true. My work with The Fuck It Diet has always had a spiritual foundation. I had been studying spiritual principals for years before the Fuck It Diet was born. Of course, I was trying to use my knowledge all wrong. I was convinced that if I could use spiritual principals to become thin, that my life would become complete.

That’s like using your son who’s a math prodigy to help you launder money. What a waste of a brilliant gift on something that’s gonna backfire on you.

But I didn’t know. I thought being skinny was the answer.

My Epiphany

And the idea of The Fuck It Diet was literally born as a complete epiphany (you may have heard about my squash pancake birthday epiphany…) I guess epiphany is also known as a “divine download”. It was gifted to me. And my job was to share it. (Yea! That sounds a little crazy! But… it’s true!)

My intuitive sense of how to heal with food truly just came to me, and it was so strong that it helped pull me through without much guidance from anyone else. (Which is now what I do for other people in my programs, I help pull them through, just in case their inner Fuck It Diet voice isn’t quite as crazily strong as mine.)

The epiphany I had about eating, metabolism, and weight all were then corroborated via the research I did. Health at Every Size, the body positive movement, new research about weight regulation and starvation modes, it all confirmed my intuitive sense. Essentially, I put myself through a mild version of Minnimaud before I knew what Minnimaud was, intuitively. (Minnimaud is a protocol I now endorse for extreme restrictive eating disorders (which I did not have at the time of The Fuck It Diet, I was in the Paleo cult).

Then, amazingly, after a good chunk of time trudging through the my own personal Fuck It Diet, I accomplished what I hoped I would. I stopped giving a damn about food. I ate whatever I wanted. I listened intuitively. Beyond my research, I was also proof that it totally works. And the more people who I worked with all started getting the same results: No more food obsession, stable weight, happier, fuller lives…

It works.

Food is Just the Beginning

But here is the bigger thing… it doesn’t end here.

Food and weight are a catalyst for something way bigger. Going down this path asks you to question your negative, limiting beliefs about yourself, your worth, and what is going to truly make you happy.

It asks you to be kind to yourself.

It asks you to let go of the tight control you are trying to exert over your life, and surrender and trust that you don’t need to live like that.

You don’t want to live like that.

It doesn’t end with food, food is just the beginning. If you can start being intuitive about food, what other things can we start being intuitive about?

When I look at all of the people I have worked with one on one and in my programs, I have realized… I am teaching Intuition. These are all intuition lessons. Yea, there are practical tenants to The Fuck It Diet. Eat a lot, allow everything, neutralize food, follow cravings, rest until your metabolism is repaired…

But the rest is a subtler, more abstract, more energetic schooling. Once people learn to eat normally they aren’t all of a sudden healed and happy. It’s the beginning of a new path.

It’s the beginning of an intuitive life.

I teach intuition. I care about intuition. I LIVE intuition. I’m not a doctor, or a psychologist, or a nutritionist. (Though I have coached psychologists both one-on-one, and in my program.) I’ve never cared about talking about food for very long.

To me, intuition is the real journey here: HOW can you listen to yourself, truly, in every way? Not just with food, but with everything. What is your inner wisdom trying to say? What have you been ignoring and replacing with the voices of others? Where are you SHOULDING all over yourself? What things are you too afraid to do, even though you know you need to?

A good, full, expansive life, is an intuitive one. One where you learn to listen to yourself.

So, yea, my mom might be right. I think I may alienate people… but, this is my thing. I wanna teach people to listen to themselves, even over listening to me!

I’m a cursing, spiritual, anti-diet rebel who teaches intuition… (and writes comedy songs and other weird stuff.)

Oh Shit I Forgot to Talk About Chakras

That was what I promised in the title.

I have always wanted to learn about chakras. They’ve always fascinated me. I used to think One day I will learn all about chakras. For years. I thought it would heal my hormones, which in turn would make me… you guessed it, skinny. And therefore beautiful. And therefore happy. And everyone would hire me for allllll their playyyyssss.

That was the story of my life until The Fuck It Diet.

But thankfully, my Chakra study just further solidified my mind/body understanding. It clicked in really amazing ways. I have a whole new arsenal of tools. Grounding, boundaries, alignment, compassion, sparking joy, speaking your truth, surrender… these are all things I already taught, now I just know how to teach them better. I have a new way of looking at and explaining the concepts.

Anyway, yea.

You wanna learn to eat normally, I’ll teach you. But it’s not the juicy stuff for me anymore.

The juicy stuff is intuition, and really, it always has been.

And that’s what’s up with chakras. It’s not about chakras, it’s not about food, it’s not about weight. It’s about intuition.

(This post is fucking LONG.)

Alright babecakes. I’m out! Gonna go do something magical probably. Or just eat some cheese. Which is pretty darn magical.