Why Do I Talk About “Creative Recovery”?

You may hear me talk about “Creative Recovery” in some posts, emails, and describing part of the process we go through in Soul Recovery Mentoring or Life Recovery Program.

So, what does “creative recovery” have to do with anythinnnnnnnnnnngg???

Let me explain.

I’m going to outline a general birds eye overview of how I healed from a food and weight obsession, and what I see with most people I work with.


I physically started eating more, questioning all beliefs I had about food, and facing the anxiety and fears I had about eating certain foods. This not only eventually neutralized the foods I feared or binged on, but also physically healed my metabolism and appetite, and ended my biological fixation with food.

I just made that sound way simpler than it is. Emotionally, that is often way harder to navigate than it looks like in that paragraph above 😉


I totally overhauled my relationship to my own weight, and weight in general. This took time, but it was essential. I did this with a lot of awareness, compassion, an open mind, and a genuine desire to get away from the debilitating way we are taught to value ourselves based on how small we are.

There was a lot of unlearning to do. Reading Health at Every Size was a huge game changer. Looking up and following body positive pinterest boards and blogs and facebook groups (like my own, but there are some with way more images which are helpful, too!). And on a very basic level becoming extremely aware of how my thoughts and feelings were wired to fixate on my weight, awareness is key.

Creative Recovery

This is the big frontier. This is the biggest game changer. I am positive that this part of recovery was the part that mattered the most.

This is the life side. The soul side. It is the part that is causing the problem in the first place.

Because I promise you, if it wasn’t food, it would be something else. 

We all have ways of avoiding what is really going on underneath, and it is ok! This is life. This is the juicy stuff life will try to teach you one way or another, your challenge just happens to be in the form of food/weight fixation.

What are you avoiding? What are you afraid of? What awesome part of yourself are you too afraid to express?

After so many years of seeing the world and seeing yourself through the lens of food and weight, this can be difficult.

Who are you without this fixation?

The truth is, you are an awesome person, with great ideas, cool dreams, unique gifts, and you have been stifling them. It’s time to uncover them.

What is your real passion and purpose that has nothing to do with food or weight?

What do you really want to say? Try? Change? Make? What do you really stand for? What actually makes you feel alive?

What are you avoiding? Scared of? Insecure about? What are those things lurking under the surface?

This will probably be a huge process of discovery for you, and completely game changing. This is the beginning of building an identity and sense of worth and purpose that has nothing to with weight or what you look like or even how people see you.

Are you game?

Are you ready?

You deserve to get closer to who you are.

Need guidance? You can have it, one on one, or in a group.

Now go do something fun.

Fuck it.