I Know Why You’re Bingeing

You’re not bingeing because you’re broken. Or a food addict. Or out of control.

You’re not bingeing because you’re eating the wrong foods.

You’re not bingeing because you’re a failure.

You are bingeing because of restriction.

You are bingeing because your body and/or your mind feel restricted with food.

That’s right, not JUST real physical restriction, but mental too.

Bingeing is caused by restriction every single time.

It is the biological response to not having enough food.

And it is also the biological response to not thinking you’re allowed to have enough food.

You are going to be tempted to blame it on the food you’re eating, on not having a good enough food routine, on being emotional. But you are not bingeing because you are emotional. You are bingeing because food feels like the biggest rebellion you can think of.

Imagine that you are in a real-life famine… bingeing is exactly what you’re SUPPOSED to do.

And once that famine ends, eating a LOT, resting, and gaining weight is exactly what your body would need to do for months and months.

That’s what a diet is: a self-imposed famine. And guilt over eating triggers thoughts that there won’t be enough food.

So how to stop bingeing?

  1. Stop restricting.
  2. And stop feeling guilt over the food your body wants to eat while you replenish, heal, feed, and finally take care of yourself.

Your body has got this.

How to stop feeling guilt?

  1. Be really, really kind to yourself
  2. Check out energy work