Our bodies are actually hardwired against dieting.

If you've been on a million diets, and feel out of control with food, this book is for you.

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"This is a book for ALL women to read"



Who is this book for?

This F*ck It Diet is for chronic dieters, bingers, people who feel out of control with food, people who are struggling with intuitive eating, and people who feels like they are in quasi-recovery from an eating disorder. You can also read the beginning of the book, where there is a whole expanded section called "Who This Book Is For".

I am an over-eater, not an under-eater is this book for me?


I have Binge Eating Disorder, is this for me?

Anyone with an active eating disorder should be getting treatment, and any of my work is just a supplement.

The book will explain how important it is to address restriction, even if and when restriction is not the root cause of bingeing.

Binge Eating Disorder is tricky, and the line between disordered eating (bingeing) and Binge Eating Disorder is blurred, just like it is for all disordered eating/eating disorders.

People binge in response to restriction, and they binge in response to trauma, anxiety, or difficult emotions. The important thing to remember though, is even if restriction isn't the main cause of your bingeing, it is probably a big piece of it, just because of the culture we live in. Addressing restriction is extremely important, along with any other emotional/trauma-based treatment.

Do you sell signed copies?

I sell signed copies of both The F*ck It Diet and Tired as F*ck. Click here to purchase!

I'm confused... is this a diet book?

Nooooo! The title includes the word 'diet', but this not a diet book. Really. And it's not a "it's not a diet it's a lifestyle book" either. It's an anti-diet book. It's a "f*ck diets and the damage they do" book. This book will not tell you what to eat or how much to eat, and will not encourage you to lose weight, but it will give you LOTS to sink your teeth into, literally and figuratively.

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So, what is the book actually... about?

Why diets backfire, why you feel so out of control with food, why intentional weight loss can actually end up harming our health, and the $60+ billion business who prey on your insecurities and sells you a fantasy (that is proven to backfire long term...) ETC.

And then: what to do instead. How to get out of the cycle. And straight forward tools to help you begin. You can read the full table of contents by downloading the beginning of the book!

Does this book teach intuitive eating?

This book does not use the same framework as Intuitive Eating (the book), but the F*ck It Diet teaches you to get to a place where eating is easy and intuitive through it's own framework. 

After trying to "listen to my body" obsessively for years, F*ck It was the thing that finally helped me get to that intuitive place (hence ...this entire book).

Is an audiobook available?

Yes! And I am the narrator of the English edition.

Find it wherever you listen to audiobooks.

Get it HERE.

Is this book appropriate for people suffering from active restrictive eating disorders?

The book can be a great supplement for anyone with an eating disorder, but anyone with an ED should also be seeking medical attention.