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Are you tired, too?
Most of us are..

Read my second book, Tired AF!

The good news?
There is a way out of this cycle.

Dieting actually makes us more fixated on food.
So all of your bingeing and food obsession? Not your fault.

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"I just ate half a donut and then threw the rest of it away because I didn't want it. WHAT?!!"

"It's so weird... I keep forgetting that I have chocolate or cookies in my pantry. That would never have happened before The Fuck It Diet."

"This is impacting ALL areas of my life. I just can not believe the change in mindset I am experiencing. Thank you, thank you. I can't say it enough."

"I knew this was working when a pint of Ben & Jerry's started taking me a couple of weeks to eat instead of eating the whole thing in one sitting."

"I really thought people were lying when they said they were so busy they forgot to eat. And now that happens to me occasionally... crazy."