We Just Wanted to be Responsible

People who have had food and weight obsession… just wanted to be responsible.

We just wanted to be on top of things.

We just wanted to be loved. Safe. Healthy.

In a world that tells you that you are lazy and gross and unhealthy if you don’t keep your weight and eating under control? We just wanted to do it right — and do it well.

This was our way to feel like we were in control of our own destiny. Productive. Successful. Able.

We were led to believe that controlling our food and calories and weight was healthy – so why wouldn’t we try?

This world is priming you to get obsessed, and then to feel ashamed if and when it all backfires.

Don’t be angry with yourself for being fooled. Don’t be angry with yourself for focusing on the wrong thing for too long. Be angry with a society that leads you to believe that you are not worthy or responsible if you aren’t obsessed over your food and weight.

Because you will not get very far if you try to embark on TFID while you are angry with yourself.

(Also, diets do not work and your body is wired to backfire against them.)