Why Won’t I Go to School for Nutrition?

Ohhh, the amount of times I have wondered if I should go to back school for nutrition, just so I could tell you I’d gone to school for nutrition. 

Or go back to school for psychology, just so I could tell you I went to school for psychology, only to keep writing the same things I am writing now: the things that interest and fascinate me.

I am not a medical professional, and as much as I have considered forcing myself to be, I’m really not meant to be. I’d hate it.

I’m a writer and storyteller. And I would also be some kind of semi-Christo-buddist-ish forest priestess if anyone would let me, but I guess I should just become a yoga teacher instead.

But more importantly, I used be a food addict — and after healing myself through relatively unconventional means, I am fascinated by the spiritual and emotional causes and ramifications of chronic dieting and diet culture. And I write about it. I give advice. Advice that has to come with a shit-ton of disclaimers because, I am not a medical professional.

The things that healed me more than anything else were: listening to my own body, unlearning what I learned about health and weight, changing the way I looked at beauty and weight, facing my fears of weight, not listening to certain medical professionals, doing some creative recovery, and being willing to be imperfect and make imperfect things. Those are not things I think a nutrition degree could give me. Same with run-of-the-mill psychology. I wanna talk soul and purpose shit.

The reason the Fuck It Diet worked, when no diet, doctor, self-help guru, or even intuitive eating book could, is because it tackled two things at once:

First it tackled the biological and physical reason that keeps people obsessed and bingeing with food.

And at the exact same time, it addressed the emotional, spiritual, and cultural reasons that we become obsessed with food and weight.

I cite the scientists that need to be cited when talking about the biological and metabolic parts of this process (often Linda Bacon or Traci Mann), but I cite them so I can talk about what I really wanna talk about: the spiritual, the emotional, the energetic, the somatic, the intuitive, and resting. Because that’s what healed me. And food. Always food.

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