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The book is the course text book!

If you haven't read it yet...

Leaving dieting behind can feel a little bit like... leaving a cult. 

And we grew up in this cult. Everyone around us is brainwashed into prioritizing thinness and judging food.

This book companion course will help support your diet-deprogramming!

I used to run a live, 8-week course that used The F*ck It Diet book as the text book. It was essentially a book companion course with lots of extra material + weekly Q&As.

And now this course is the more affordable, self-study version! 

I've broken the book down into an 8-week curriculum, and shared all of the prompts, exercises, and essays I had to cut from the book for length, and added tons of belief work into every week (a super important part!). So now, I've packaged up all the material from that original course, into this 8-week course, dripped to you week by week.

What makes this course particularly different from just reading the book, is that you will spend extra time and attention every week on your beliefs. When we experience resistance to this process, or feel like we aren't getting anywhere, belief work is almost always the missing piece.

You'll be doing a deeper dive on releasing diet culture beliefs, and get to access 4+ hours worth of Q&A replay calls every week. 

There's lots of content every week, but it's also out and prioritized so you know where to focus each week, and can always come back to the bonus exercises and Q&As later on, when you have more time.

What is it?

This is for you whether you've read the book or not!

Most people who join this course have already read the book, and are simply looking for more structure, belief work, prompts, and access to the Q&A archive. But! You can also go through the book for the first time while doing this course.

I recommend reading the beginning first or read the first chapter free.

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Leaving dieting behind can feel a little bit like... leaving a cult. 

And we grew up in this cult. Everyone around us is brainwashed into prioritizing thinness and judging food.

This course will help support your diet deprogramming.


What You'll Need






The F*ck It Diet is for you if:

You struggle with food or stress out over what you "should" eat.

You feel like a food addict, struggle with bingeing,
or you feel super out of control around food.

You're a chronic dieter, or have been going from diet to diet, and are ready to step out of the cycle and stop dieting once and for all.

Your relationship with food and body is all over the place,
and you're ready to get to the bottom of it.

Please note: This course is for chronic dieters.

This experience is NOT for people with an active eating disorder

Anyone with an ED should be seeking medical attention. Call (800) 931-2237 or visit NEDA online.

When in doubt, seek treatment and come join us in the future.

If you suspect you have an eating disorder, or you don’t really eat much, or don’t feel hunger, or purge, you need to be treated for an eating disorder, and this group is not right for you yet.

8 weeks of structure to guide you through unlearning, relearning and reframing programmed beliefs to support your journey (value: $250)

8 weeks worth of bonus content, belief work, and bonus writing prompts to supplement the content from the book (value: $250)

32+ hours of previous Q+A video replays that will answer all of your anti-diet questions week to week (value: $350)

The Resource List filled with my highly recommended resources within the Intuitive Eating and anti-diet community (value: $49)

​Go at your own pace + lifetime access to this program, even after you've completed it

Today's price: $199

Total value: $899

What you get

We're flipping everything you know about food, weight, & health on it’s head

Unlinking your eating from your weight, your weight from your worth, and get rid of food guilt 

Healing your bingeing with no will-power at all

Understanding the difference between emotional eating and bingeing, and why neither are your enemy

A deeper practice on the beliefs that are ruling your life 

Really truly eating, relaxing, and enjoying eating all food
Implementing  tools to help you rest more, have more awareness on how your mind and emotions work, untangle the mess in your mind, and begin to process old hidden emotions

What we're working on:


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I already feel a lot more relaxed around food, and I can't thank Caroline enough for sharing her extensive wealth of knowledge and personal experience. 

The F*ck It Diet is THE BEST BOOK that I have ever read regarding intuitive eating. I love the way that Caroline gets to the heart of the matter and gives practical, easy to use guidance. This course gave me the tools I needed to go deeper emotionally. Very thankful.

I genuinely want to thank you so much for your book, your work, and your guidance. - Heather Larson

This course was SUCH a useful accompaniment to the book. That ideas in the book are so eye-opening, but putting them into practice can feel really scary. I’m so glad I signed up, it’s been life-changing. 

I loved the book, but putting it into practice on my own just never actually happened. I highly recommend the book and this program to any dieter!


How will this program benefit me beyond reading the book?

This is for people who want structure while going through the book, applying the belief work, and go through the book prompts in a structured week to week layout, and to access the prompts and exercises that had to be cut from the book for length! I wanted to book to be it's own course, so when I had to cut the prompts, I always intended to be able to share them with people in a course format like this.

In addition! You'll get 32+ hours of Q&A replays from previous live program, and weekly action steps focused on making the changes needed to heal your relationship with food.

The book compiled the majority of the lessons I've been teaching for the past ten years, which is why it is the textbook for the program, BUT we will be going even deeper with the weekly belief work, the content and exercises cut from the book for length, and the Q&As.

Do I have to read the book before the program?

While most people do, you do not need to! However, it's helpful to read the beginning of the book (the first 30-50ish pages) before signing up. That way you will have a good sense of what you're signing up for - going against the grain is hard stuff.

But you can definitely wait until the program to read the whole book and apply all of the lessons.

How much time is the course going to take?

It's an 8 week course, but set up for you to be able to go through at your own pace. There are week-to-week reading and writing assignments, weekly belief work and reframing, tools and action steps, and it's designed to meet you where you are on your journey. 

If you were to follow ALL of the suggested work each week, I'd say it would take 2-4 hours a week. If you were to incorporate all suggested AND bonus material, it could be even more. But you can absolutely make it work for you, and do as much as is possible each week, and come back to lots of it later.

I have the audiobook, do I need the hardcopy of the book for the program?

No, though the text version may be helpful! But it's up to you depending on your learning style. You'll have access to a text version of the prompts in the weekly PDF download (but not the text of the book.)

I can't afford this, what's the cheaper option?

The book is a very affordable way to go through lessons, tools and prompts either on your own, or in a self-organized book club. 

I also recommend you sign up for my list of resources that I created specifically for book readers. I send along some goodies through email that way.

But, to make it more affordable, you can enroll in the self-study today without the community for just $69 on our monthly payment plan!

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