Unpopular Opinion:

Dieting Doesn't Work
Hey, I'm Caroline

I write about our relationship to food and weight.

I used be a food & dieting addict.

I spent years thinking about food and weight nonstop. And now, thanks to The Fuck It Diet, it's become easy breezy.

Thank god.

I'm not your doctor. I’m a concerned citizen and I research, write, and teach about allllll the BS that has made you turn against yourself, and how to heal.

I teach to empower you for when you GO to the doctor.

Or when your co-workers start talking about Whole 30.

Or when you panic that your health or your weight is all your fault. (It’s not.)

You're not alone in diet hell. Read these comments and join us in anti-diet-land.

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We are stepping out of diet culture.

To do that, we are dealing in rebelry ​​​​and tacos and stuff.
My background is in performing, and 'yoga,' and crying.

I spent my college days and early twenties in leotards, or standing in front of casting directors whose job it was to decide what kind of person you looked like (for me: boobs too big to be the ingenue, but still too young to be the mom. So, you are no one).

This magnified the already-oppressive-collective-cultural-dysfunction with weight 100x.

I was no one. My body wasn't right. I can't be cast as a human. I am failing at literally everything. 
And for over a decade I was completely miserable and insecure.

The pressure was so intense that (thankfully) I actually spiritually imploded, and all the suffering crystallized into The Fuck it Diet.

But before that, it was just endless years of diets, body hatred, hunger, self-disgust, and snacks that tasted like chalk.

My background in yoga (and energy/emotions work), started as a quest for thinness, perfection, and health, as most journeys in yoga do.

Over time, (and thanks to the Fuck It Diet), my work on the embodiment and mindfulness and relaxation part of yoga has taken over, and my understanding of the fitness side has become clear - it is a product of our culture obsession with thinness.

Strength and alignment and mobility are great. But shiny, perfect, skinny people, drinking green smoothies on instagram, promising purity, doing headstands that eventually injure their necks, and selling multi-level-marketing essential oils - that's all just more of the same dysfunction - superficial, skinny-obsessed bullshit. And it's harming people.

I now use energetic principles (in a really hip cool accessible way, man) to help chronic dieters come back into their bodies, rest, breathe, process old emotions, be willing to be human, and feel the space they take up with their bodies.
I teach people how (and why)
to go on The Fuck It Diet.

...and how to chill the fuck out.