Are You Still Fighting Food?

Do you still think, if I could just get a little bit more self control, then I’d be able to eat normally.

Do you still find yourself thinking, well, I’ll eat what I want, but I just won’t eat a lot.

Do you think, well as soon as I start eating better than THIS, everything will fall into place.

Do you still find yourself hoping that “better willpower” is going to be the answer to all your food (and life) problems?

Are you half-assedly “not dieting” but also know you’re still holding on a little too tight?


Have I mentioned Isabel Foxen Duke to you before?

Cause she is amazing.

If what I’ve said above resonates, I want you to watch the videos in her free training series.

Isabel is a brilliant badass, and a master when it comes to getting women normal with food.

She is one of the only teachers out there who I think really nails it on how to help women end the vicious diet cycle.

Her first video is all about Why Willpower is Not the Answer.

If you want access to her whole free video training series, get it here.

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