Be the Change (and also F*** IT)

This is a call to action.

You know that famous Gandhi quote? Be the change you want to see in the world? Well I have heard that so many times that it has almost lost it’s meaning. yea Yea Yea YEA ok, yes. Ok be the change. I get it. La La La.

But, truly, if what we are seeking is a world where the media showcases people of all sizes, where eating disorders to not running rampant, where we are judged less by our bodies and more for our actions and minds, we really do have to be the ones to start.

If you want to stop being judged by other people, the first step is to stop doing it to yourself and others.

If you want the media to start vouching for bodies of all sizes, you have to, too.

If you want to be able to go to a gym to feel good and not feel judged and constricted, go with the intention of self- love and demand nothing less than respect for where you are now.

If you want a world where people don’t talk about and idealize “dropping 15 lbs for bikini season”, give it no energy. In fact: put out content and intentions  and conversations that support a different focus, something that supports your desire for the world.

Do things. Speak Up. Love yourself, Support others. Eat Ice Cream or __________(insert food). Go for walks with Music. Smile. Breathe.

Fuck It.


  1. daguttgrl79 says:

    Whenever my friend bitches about her size, I’m going to deflect her and change the subject, and insert something happy… like hey, I love your eyeshadow!!! tell me where you got it? Anytime someone bitches about food, I’m going to change the subject to makeup. NOT FOOD.

  2. Ina Nikol Ray says:

    I’ve thought about this a lot, too. The only reason media has been bombarding us with body-image content so much is because we’re huge suckers at buying into it! If we were to show no interest, there would be no demand for supply.

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