Don’t Do Portion Control

How many people say: “oh I just lost weight through good portion control”.

A lot of people.

Does it work?

Eh…. for some. And only for a time.

Here is the hard truth:

If you have disordered eating mentality, portion control is just another way of restricting and fearing and obsessing, and feeling like you are doing “the right thing”.

If you have disordered eating you are STARVING! Your brain and your body. You are craving surplus and nourishment. Portion control will NOT CURE you. There will 99% be a relapse into chaos. And rightly so!

The most important thing, is that you are listening to your body. You are going to be so hungry, and need so much food and self-love and pampering during the beginning (and ongoing): portion control is going to mess you up. Seriously.

Even regular joes, with no “history of disordered eating” have a swing back after “good portion control”. Because… why are they doing it in the first place?

Don’t “Do Portion Control”!!!! JUST EAT! Enjoy! Feed yourself. TRUST that you body knows how to regulate and that it will in time.

Then one day, when food is just food, you will find yourself stopping naturally and you’ll realize: Oh THAT is what portion control is supposed to be… natural. Easy…

Don’t force it.

Also fuck it. fuckitfuckit.


  1. AnnB says:

    Ditto. And if your body temp is below 98 degrees…find a doctor who actually prescribes thyroid supplement T3 to get your body temp up to normal. Then eating normally and being proper weight will be a no effort required. Also read Matt Stone about eating for heat as you learn to allow your body to guide you. Read Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness by Broda O. Barnes, M.D. (Broda is/was a man).

  2. Gia says:

    I wish I found you years ago. Holy shit, it would have made my recovery better..instead of bloggers touting Intuitive Eating but it was really a diet in disguise. “I crave only salad” etc. Etc.
    Oy vey!

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