the rebel's survival kit

I am so in love with how simple and profound
your teachings are!
Thank you, thank you for sharing this work


These tools will help you become a
food & body rebel
Video Lessons On:

Why your mantras aren't working for you
How to Release Limiting Beliefs
Your Simple Self Care
Creating Your Personal Blueprint
Anchoring Intentions in Your Body
Creating Your Ritual 
Why emotional eating isn't the enemy
Getting in the Body
Grounding 101
-18 Food-Ease Lessons
-Archived Q&As from the year it ran live
-Private Fuckiteer FB Group
What People are Saying:
This magic is really amazing. I am beyond happy
that I am here.
​​​​​​​Thank you for sharing it.
-Rena, Fuckiteer
I think the energy work is the key.
Intellectually I knew what my limiting beliefs were, but I couldn't change them in my head.  

 -Christine, Fuckiteer
Since doing the energy work, I am STUNNED that my perception of my body is changing.
- Alesia, Fuckiteer and Diehard Skeptic​​​
You've given me the map to find my own path. Thank you.

​​​​​​​- Lois, Fuckiteer
Fuckiteer Academy used to be a monthly membership program.
Now it is self-study rebel survival kit, filled with video lessons that help you navigate your relationship with your body.
The Fuckiteer Academy
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Caroline's program is the one to do if you truly want to stop dieting.
- Carissa