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Video Lessons taking you through:

Why your mantras aren't working for you
How to Release Limiting Beliefs
Your Simple Self Care

Creating Your Personal Blueprint
Anchoring Intentions in Your Body
Creating Your Ritual

Why emotional eating isn't the enemy
Upping Your Emotional Tolerance
The Labeling Mediation
Changing Monthly Themes
In the new year, every month will be a Food Ease lesson that we dive into deeper into.
February's theme is BINGEING
Live Monthly Calls
Food Ease Course

As part of your welcome into the course 
You'll get detailed guidance on the Fuck It Diet "How-To" straight to your email over the first 3 weeks of the program
Archive of Past Q&As
Private Facebook Group
We are going to unravel that big, stressful subconscious knot
What People are Saying:
Fucking amazing.
Thank you.
-Rebecca, Fuckiteer
I have learned so much with Fuckiteer Academy.
Quieting all the external noise that really doesn't matter and a whole other combination of tools that really help me deal with the bullshit that most of us have to deal with on a daily basis.
Thank you so much for everything.

-Ivonn, Fuckiteer
This program has helped me SO much with stuff that was stuck. I'm so grateful for Caroline and all the work and thought she puts into this.
It really is life changing.

-Jennifer, Fuckiteer
​I am in such a better place than when I started.

​You have helped me not only with food and body image (the reasons I originally signed up) but also just as a person.
I cannot thank you enough!!!

-Jessica, Fuckiteer
This magic is really amazing. I am beyond happy that I am here.

Thank you for sharing it.

 -Rena, Fuckiteer
This program is phenomenal for the price.

I have done a few other body image & intuitive eating programs/groups and I think this one is one of the best out there.

 -Helen, Fuckiteer
Fuckiteer Academy keeps me sane. 
It provides so much comfort to get reassurance that it's all gonna be okay.

 -Sienna, Fuckiteer
It's such a safe and supportive space for me to go deeper and uncover the root of my struggles with food and body.
 -Helen, Fuckiteer
There is even more value added to Fuckiteer Academy all the time.
 -Debs, Fuckiteer
I just LOVE this energy work! It seems so deceptively simple, but I am finding it to be so powerful. 
-Karen, Fuckiteer
I feel things shifting and I feel myself dropping limiting beliefs. I feel chiller, calmer, happier, optimistic, and good in my body!

-Lily, Fuckiteer
I just joined a few weeks ago and am loving it!
 You are awesome and the program is too - so glad I found you in this crazy internet world.
Pamela, Fuckiteer
Since doing the energy work, I am STUNNED that my perception of my body is changing. 
Fuckiteer and
 Diehard Skeptic
We are always Fuckiteering,
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How much of a time commitment is this?
I would say about 3-4 hours a month. That's an hour for each intention call, Q&A call, and energy work call, plus a liberal approximation of another hour for the other ways you can apply and interact with the simple monthly theme.
And of course, however much time you spend applying the lesson, chatting in the FB group, journaling on the Limiting Beliefs, and generally being a cool Fuckiteer badass ...But that's all up to you.

What KIND of a program is this?
Basically, it’s Anti Diet School with energy work. Part practical, part "magical". (Ok I'm a Harry Potter fan so I just have to say it that way!) There aren't very many programs like this. There are written lessons, plus video Q&A, plus magical energy work tailored to the group energy. Boom.
How will the program be organized?
All of the material will be on one simple, (pretty), password protected membership page on my site. You'll log in to get the monthly information, and then chat about it in the private FB group. Easy peasy. Simple. Straight forward.
The Food Ease Course will arrive by email in your first month in the course

How the HELL does this energy work work?
Watch my video What the Hell is Energy Work. My work focuses on Chakredy energy work to release the old and call in healing energies.

WHY energy work? Why not just coaching?
Because it’s the quickest, easiest way to experience emotions you've buried, and move past emotional and mental triggers. It is the easiest way to get to self trust and understanding.
And it is very powerful cure for mental restriction.
And it's freakin' cool.
Caroline's program is the one to do if you truly want to stop dieting.