Good Teacher vs. Cult Leader

TFID has always been strictly anti-dogma.

“Dogma: A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.”

Both religions and diets have the danger of becoming dogmatic and cult-like.

And the thing about cult energy, is that you often don’t know it’s happening until you’ve already spent… a shit ton of money and depleted yourself of lots of time and energy and self-esteem.

So… how do you tell the difference between a good teacher and a cult?

Here are some sure signs your teacher or group is cult-y:

– the teacher makes you believe you need them and that you will be lost without them
– the teacher or teaching holds all the answers and is the ultimate authority
– you are not allowed to question the work or teaching​​​​​​​
– your own authority or wisdom is ignored and the rules are set out for you

For instance, the first energy work teacher I studied with started to have a cult like energy. “I can’t explain to you why we do it this way. It’s just the way it is and if you ask me about it I am going to make you feel like you are just too small and inexperienced to know the answers. But maybe I’ll hold another training where I’ll tell you more secrets.”

WTF. No.

I distanced myself with her and her work as soon as I realized this was happening.

A good teacher will empower you, add to your knowledge, acknowledge they don’t have the answer to everything, and let you disagree or walk away when the work doesn’t resonate or isn’t needed anymore.

A good teacher knows that what they have to offer is valuable, but is not concerned with being the be-all end-all, and that their own teaching is not the only truth out there.

Basically, cult leaders abuse power and claim to have all the answers, good teachers give you the tools to lead your own way.​​​​​​​
Diets are often super dogmatic and cult-y. We know the way. Follow us. Trust us. Our truth is THE truth.

It’s dangerous.

TFID has always been about becoming your own guru, and over the past few years, the intuition intensive has become my way to take students much deeper into their own wisdom.

​​​My goal is to always lead you back into your body where your wisdom is, and hand you back the reins.

Here is to lots of freedom, and no cults.