Emotional Eating

“I love this whole concept, but I still don’t know if it will work for me, because I am an emotional eater. I eat and eat to try and erase the cares of the world.”

I hear you, but dieting is making that worse. In every way, diet mentality and reactive eating is getting so tangled up in your emotional eating, that what you begin to experience more, is reactive eating.

You can’t diet to get emotional eating under control. When you try to do that, it causes reactive eating and deep feelings of denial, biological, existential, and emotional. It snowballs, and all of a sudden you think you are a MONSTER emotional eater, bingeing and completely out of control, but what you are really doing is responding to both physical and mental restriction.

If you stop dieting, that’s your best bet to healthfully, easily, and sanely become aware of any “emotional eating”. On top of that, getting into your body, feeling what’s in there, and the work I do with limiting beliefs and energy work can support people who use eating or anything else to numb.

But I don’t know of anything that could be worse for emotional eating, than dieting.


  1. Raina says:

    This is so true. It’s so scary first embracing the “fuck it” mentality because it requires that you trust yourself and your body fully. Like the fact that my body is telling me to eat a carton of Ben and Jerry’s for breakfast and a kale salad for lunch and cereal for dinner… Trusting that this is what my body needs is hard, because how am I supposed to know when to stop? How am I supposed to not feel guilty? Only with time is this trust getting easier. It’s an emotional experience learning to trust your body, even with influential emotions.

  2. DY says:

    What if you have to restrict lots of healthy foods because of true food allergies? And lots of them that are food mainstays like eggs, dairy and wheat. It’s hard to be F it when I have to be so careful!

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