How to Think About Nutrition

When people start trying to eat normally, they almost always have to go through a phase of craving and eating things they used to think were “bad”, or things that are not generally considered “healthy”.

And it freaks. them. out.

What’s wrong with me?! Is this just proving I’m a glutton? Is this proving my eating is broken? Is this just proving that I am the one person who won’t do this right? This is PROOF I need a diet!?

No. It’s just proof that you were in a starvation state before (even if you weren’t underweight or physically restricting. YEP! Because you don’t have to be underweight to be metabolically compromised, and you don’t even have to under eat to trigger the biological starvation response, you just have to “mentally restrict”.)

Most people who are gravitating towards my site have enough knowledge or pseudo knowledge about nutrition to last them a few lifetimes.

That’s why any talk of nutrition here is pointless. The issue isn’t that you don’t know enough about nutrition, it’s that you know too much. And your knowledge has royally fucked with your happiness and ability to listen to your body.

Nutrition these days can be so limiting, restrictive, and fearful. All we tend to focus on is what’s bad. What we should avoid. And, voila: eating disorders.

That’s why my view on nutrition is this:

Nourish yourself.

Nourish yourself with fruit. With vegetables. With Dairy. With Sugar. With Carbs, complex and simple. With Meat. With Greens. With Soup. With Butter. With Sea Salt. With Sweet Potatoes. With Pasta. With Sauerkraut. With Brownies. With Ice Cream.

These foods are healing.

If you think that sugar and carbs and fat and calories and weight are still bad for you, you have a few things to read. Read Health at Every Size. Read In Defense of Sugar.

If you’re allergic or sensitive to certain foods, trust that you can honor that while not restricting. It’s all about self care.

Real, beautiful food is healing. Calories are healing. Vitamins are healing. Minerals are healing. Sugar is healing. Meat and broths and stews and starch are healing.

We need food. We need filling food. We need good, delicious, salty, nourishing food.

And all that processed or “fake food” you’re still scared of still serves a purpose.

It is liberating.

Processed food is emotional freedom. Processed food is “Fuck it, I don’t need to be the healthiest eater on this planet. Look where it’s gotten me anyway: nowhere.”

So stop worrying about toxins and all that “bad food”. Your body was built to handle that stuff. It was NOT built however, to constantly feel like it doesn’t have enough. Jk… it was actually. It’s called starvation mode. And it’s not good for you.

Remember these key points:

  1. Less is not better. You need food. If you are afraid you can’t trust your hunger, stop. Trust your hunger and food desire above all else.
  2. Eat things you love and want. If you truly do that you will be amazed how much your cravings and tastes do change and lead you right!
  3. Celery is not better than pie. Seriously. Celery is not better for you than pie. Pie has way more nutrition in it. Celery just has some vitamins and minerals. Apple pie has vitamins and minerals, and way more calories, protein, fat, and carbs, which are necessary to nourish you. Celery is not better for you than pie. Kale is not better for you than ice cream. They are all good for you.

Ok, fuck it. Bye!