New Year’s Resolutions Are Stupid

Generally, I hate common new year’s resolutions.

They feed right into that black and white, self-hating, guilt inducing, atone-for-your-carb sins cycle.


Resolutions are the diet, and the backlash is just around the corner. February guilt, anyone?

This year, do me a favor and throw out the self-hating, militaristic resolutions, and if you must resolve, resolve sanely:

Resolve to Eat what you really love

You have gotten yourself nowhere by staying in a diet/repent cycle. Break it now.

Resolve to invest your time in what/who you really care about

Life is too short to waste it. Get real with yourself about what makes you come alive. Which brings us to…

Resolve to Be Honest with yourself

Stop avoiding yourself. Stop avoiding the truth. Stop avoiding. Ask yourself “where am I lying to myself?”. It is life changing. And don’t feel guilty. We all do it.

Resolve to Stretch

Get on the floor and stretch your body. Don’t force exercise you don’t feel like doing, just don’t. Exercise only to feel alive. But get in a quick habit of stretching your body because you are alive, and your body is great, and it deserves to be lived in and and stretched.

Resolve to sleep better and get real rest

You freaking deserve it.

Resolve to love yourself more in 2015

You are worth it. This year. With this mind and this body. You have always been worth it. So give yourself permission to do cool things, and say what you mean, and do what you like. You will never be more ready than you are now. And no one is ever going to give you permission except you. No one. Don’t wait for your thin fantasy, or love fantasy or job fantasy to do what you have been waiting to do.

What else? Comment below!



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