Let Your Diet Choose YOU

No one wants to eat food that doesn’t make them feel good.

If we were all to get out of our own way, we would easily and intuitively go for food that tasted good and made us feel great: nourished, calm, satiated, and healthy. That is what we want and what our bodies want.

We would naturally and easily steer away from foods that our body didn’t jive with (Whatever that may be. We are ALL different).

And when we veered from those foods and ate something that wasn’t “the best” for our particular bodies, it would be no big thing: “eh, I’ll be fine”.

And then we would move on. No shame. No dwelling. No serious horrible consequences, except maybe a stomachache or a pimple or headache.

But as long as we are in our own way, forcing certain restrictions and diets and rules on ourselves, that easy, joyful intuitive diet is never actually going to happen.

You MUST get out of your own way in order to start to let your body do it’s thing. And you’re body’s “thing” for a whole year might be mac n’ cheese. And that is a really important part of the “getting out of your own way” journey.

Because here is the thing, if all you eat for a year is mac n’ cheese, eventually you will be over mac n’ cheese. And if wheat and dairy jive with you, you’ll have it on occasion. And if wheat and dairy don’t jive with you, you’ll still probably have it on occasion. And it’ll be fine. But you will be out of your own way… and your body will start to eat what it really, really craves.

The more you judge what your body craves, the less authentic those cravings will be.

Get out of your own way.

Stop dieting.

Stop judging what you need to eat during the process. And let your “diet” eventually choose you.

And when you eat something that you think “isn’t good”, remember: it doesn’t matter. The less it matters, the more easily you will be able to truly want and choose foods that feel good and make you feel alive.

Perfection? Fuck. It.