Not About Anger

Alright, so “The Fuck It Diet” may have been shocking enough to catch your eye. Maybe you were wondering what I actually meant. Or, maybe you have had similar expletive sentiments towards diets and food phobias. Or maybe you will never read this because you are highly offended.

But either way, “Fuck It” can have some negative connotations. I know. I know. And it may seem like this entire site will be an angry rampage against fitness trainers and healthy food and skinny people. It won’t be.

There will, however, be a fair share of questioning our collective body image norms and challenging the images the media puts in our heads. This will also be a place to challenge some of the things we think of as “healthy” and “unhealthy”. Certain foods will be defended. Ideas defended. But mostly: peace of mind will be defended.

Because, once Fuck It is used to make us realize that we don’t have to listen to what diets have told us to do, there is a little space for peace.

I have no intention of making this a place of rage or self-righteousness. Sure, a little healthy dose of self-righteousness can boost our confidence when needed, but this site will not be about adding more “dogma” into the world.

This site will hopefully be a Dogma Buster.

The use on this site of the phrase “Fuck It” is meant to become more of a spiritual phrase… “Let Go”.

Welcome to The Fuck It Diet. I hope this site can offer you some peace of mind.


  1. Ann B says:

    The Jesus image should always be as shown in this post. That is exactly ‘his’ message in the book called the Bible. Especially the Calm Down part.

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