Everything Is Good For You: Starting to Bust Food Phobias

  1. anonymous says:

    sugar,saturated fat, salt, sounds like a ray peat diet(raypeat.com)

    • Caroline says:

      Reading some Ray Peat helped me loosen up my frightened thinking on sugar, which I think is helpful. But subscribing to any one diet as ideal villainizes food and creates stress- for me anyway. So… no, not fully!

  2. Ann says:

    This post resonates with me so much! I recently starting eating carbs again and I feel really good. My new focus is on adding in good foods (I’m a big fan of coconut oil) and not worrying about avoiding “bad” foods. It’s a way more joyful and fun way to eat and live. 🙂

  3. graphxgrl says:

    Girl, you have blown me away with this blog every step of the way, but this entry was perfect timing for me. I was just asking myself not an hour ago how I was going to jump into this without try to be healthy, or limiting my food, even if it was food I had been denying myself. “Modified” intuitive eating is the PERFECT term. I simply don’t want to gain weight, but how do I micromanage my weight while busting through my eating dsorder…impossible, I am thinking. I want to learn from other’s mistakes and do it all now without bouncing back. I’ve already been working on these changes for a full year mentally…I’m ready to do it physically now but also want to minimize the damage…any advice? Is this crazy?

    • Ann B says:

      I don’t think there is a way to minimize the damage (more weight gain or no weight loss). The damage has already been done. Our kindness is now to eat whenever we think about food (our first quiet cue we are hungry….it doesn’t have to scream at us) is the first order of business, whatever we want/comes to mind. Keep many things at hand in your kitchen, workplace, etc. and don’t worry that for awhile it might be mostly sugar. You might need the sugar/carbs for the energy to think…in addition to energy to be active. Hang in there. Our body will correct the damage (excess fat, hair loss, poor skin, irritated bowels) in good time, if we honor our body’s wisdom to eat/eat enough when it asks to be fed.
      I have found gelatin to be a great way to get some protein in my diet, when I am not interested in eating meat…or maybe it curbs my meat craving? I bloom 2 T in cold water, heat in microwave (careful not to let boil over), add instant coffee crystals, some stevia or sugar or sugar syrup (depends on the day), coconut oil and cream. I buy my gelatin in bulk at bulk foods dot com
      Recently I added three packets of sugar to my coke on ice at a restaurant. Made it taste much better….Ha. Something I never would have done 6 months ago. Don’t add sugar to a soda drink in a can or bottle, or it will fizz out of control….like it fizzes when ice cream is combined to any carbonated drink.
      All the best,
      Ann B