Still Feel Like Letting Go is Unhealthy?

For years, my excuse for continuing dieting was that “I had to”.

I have to be healthy”.

I believed freedom just wasn’t in the cards for me. I knew too much about polyunsaturated fats. I knew too much about how all our food was slowly killing us. And my hormones are messed up. I HAVE to figure out this diet thing. It’s really important.

And so I kept putting off living. Because I thought I would finally let myself live once I’d finally figured out the perfect diet.

And also, y’know, I have to be healthy. Eating what I want will make me unhealthy. I KNOW sugar is unhealthy. I KNOW gluten is probably killing us all. I KNOW TOO MUCH.

Guess what:

…you don’t actually know what you think you know.

The things we think know about diets, the things we think we know about how horrible nearly every kind of food is, the things we think we know about obesity, weight, health, beauty and worth… for the most part those things are actually …wrong.

They were learned. Skewed “facts” that are perpetuated by an industry that is now spewing information as if it were law. “sugar is bad. diets are good. weight is bad. thin is good.”

But just like they were wrong about wheaties being the healthiest food, and wrong about low fat being the way, and wrong about thinking that arsenic was a health tonic… they’re wrong about diets and health now, too.

We diet rebels are slightly ahead of the curve here. But I really do think that in… 50 years (hopefully), the world will swing around. I really do.

So do yourself a favor, please. Read Health at Every Size. Read In Defense of Sugar. Empower yourself with the other side. Empower yourself with new information way closer to the truth.

The information we are being fed is not the whole story. In fact, it’s an incorrect story.

And you deserve better.

Become a rebel. Join us. Learn more.

If you are putting off the fuck it diet because you are afraid it’s not healthy, be willing to reconsider.

(Read Health at Every Size. Read In Defense of Sugar!)