This is not a Cure-All

I always need to make sure that The Fuck It Diet doesn’t become similar to an actual diet in energy – that it never becomes dogmatic or culty.

The Fuck It Diet is an ideology, for sure. And I have pretty consistent advice on how to become normal with eating, and the pit-falls that are standing in the way. Some of these things are practical biology, some of these things are cultural patterns and reprogramming, some are psycho-spiritual control and trust issues.

But no matter what, it needs to be something that you are in charge of.

I don’t have all the answers, and this is not a cure-all. As soon as The Fuck It Diet becomes the holy grail, you’re back in diet dogma land.

This process will morph and change to what you need and where you are.

My needs are so incredibly different now than they were 5 years ago when I started this. And all of it has been a part of The Fuck It Diet. In fact, trusting that things morph and change is fully part of this thing.

The consistent themes are:

you need food

you need rest

you have unhelpful expectations on yourself

don’t judge where you are

trust the process and trust your gut

change your views of beauty and success

what makes you happy?


Over and out.