Why Intuitive Eating Isn’t Working

Ok, well let me just say first off, that intuitive eating is the only way we are supposed to be eating.

Eating with impulses and desire. Not worrying about the specifics or macros or calories or kinds of food (unless you have real food intolerances, but if you do… I mean avoiding those foods is ALL part of intuition.)

Overthinking our natural eating mechanism is not natural. Trying to control our intake and our weights will backfire. As nutritionist Christy Harrison says, “Going on a diet is the best way to gain weight.”

Yea. We are wired to have backlash against restriction. Mentally, physically, emotionally.

But let me tell you why your attempts at Intuitive Eating (which is the name of a great book that many people find as a great step towards eating normally.)

You are still making it into a diet. You are still trying to use it as a way to lose weight. You are still using it as a way to try and eat less. That is inherently going to backfire, because that is still attempted restriction under the guise of eating ‘whatever you want but not really cause you’d really better eat a small amount’.

No. That’s not normal eating. That’s not intuitive eating. That’s hardcore mental restriction. And it’s still a diet. And so you still have something to rebel against.

And that’s why your intuitive eating isn’t working.