Why is The Fuck It Diet Different?

WHY is The Fuck It Diet different than other mindful eating or intuitive eating programs?

WHY did I try to heal myself with intuitive eating for 6 YEARS, and fail, but then The Fuck It Diet worked?


Meaning, every other time I tried to “heal my eating”, I was still trying to control my weight, even if I wasn’t aware of it.

Mainstream intuitive eating doesn’t deliberately take the focus off of weight.

Sometime weight is explicit (“eat what you want and stay fit!”) and sometimes not (“Just listen to your body, don’t diet!”) but the underlying goal for most people intuitive eating is an alternative way to become or stay skinny.

And all those attempts, I still hoped that if I really listened to my body, that I wouldn’t eat much and I’d become my thin version of myself. That was what I still really wanted.

Not healing. Not unconditional self-love. Not rebellion and revolution and happiness and genuine empowerment.


And that doesn’t really work. Tininess, control, beauty, approval, fitting in… that’s not happiness. That’s not health. That’s not vibrant joy.

Michelle Lowbridge, an amazing Kinesiologist whose cool program I am in, says that the energetic place we want to get to is Radiating Brilliance. And I’ll tell you, controlling your eating so you eat a tiny amount so you can be tiny and fit into this society’s warped expectation of women is NOT Radiating Brilliance.

So what was the difference when I decided to go on The Fuck It Diet?

Fuck It. I am not going to try to control my weight anymore.

No. I really mean it. I know part of me thinks that by doing this I WILL eventually lose weight, but fuck that too. Fuck my trying to be this perfect little beautiful thing that can dissappear into the abyss of my fantasy of perfection. FUCK IT.

I just finally knew that my attempt to control my weight was the thing making me miserable. I knew it. Finally.

I realized that I had beliefs about weight that were completely learned. Completely untrue. Completely unhelpful and were making my life miserable.

And I knew that the only option for normalcy, was to let go of weight control, and see what happened.

I had the feeling that if I could do that, then finally things would normalize. Finally I wouldn’t have to think about eating at all. I wouldn’t have to think about my body because I’d accept it no matter what, even if it was hard. Even if it was challenging. Even if I doubted it.

And it worked.

And that is the difference between Intuitive Eating and The Fuck It Diet.