“You Can’t Be Intuitive When…

-you don’t trust that your body has an innate wisdom

-you think there is “one perfect way” and you need to find it

-you are still trying to control how much you eat

-you are still not trusting the amounts you are hungry for

-you are still trying to control your weight

-you are still judging the foods you eat or crave

-you think your life will finally fall into place once you get some control

-you don’t want to feel what it feels like in your body

-you don’t want to ever slow down

-you are afraid of hunger

-you are afraid of fullness

-you are afraid of what is really meant for you

I’ve come to understand that the Fuck It Diet is comprised of a few components.

There is the physical part, the very very straight forward, “you are not eating enough and that is why you feel addicted to food” part. The “I know you feel like you’ve been bingeing so how could you possibly have been not eating enough, but it is actually all just the response to chronic attempts at restriction” piece.

There is the mental part. The part where we have been taught what we have been taught about health and bodies and beauty and acceptability. This is the part where we relearn, where we start to own what we want our lives to actually be about, where we restate our personal missions. Where we get rid of ‘shoulds’.

There is the emotional part, where we learn to feel what it feels like to be a human.

It definitely all starts with the physical part, because without actually shifting that physical cycle, you won’t get anywhere. But without also moving onto the mental and emotional parts, you’re just going to get sucked back into your old ways of looking at your body, life, and worth.

A word on REST

My REST mission has everything to do with the mental and emotional parts, not just physical rest. This culture never, ever lets us rest mentally. We never think we deserve it. So we stay stuck in a miserable grind forever, drowning in shoulds. We are never ever allowed to slow down without guilt or worry that we aren’t doing enough.

And without allowing ourselves to slow down and surrender, we are never letting ourselves really be intuitive.

So basically, do the work to chill the fuck out, and everything will get better.

And with that, back to my vacation.