Am I Anti-Intuitive Eating?

  1. Annabelle says:

    Thank you for this post Caroline.
    I am now realising that I am doing the “intuitive eating” diet and not thefuckitdiet. If I am obsessed with food still, it is because I am on a diet…

  2. Lola says:

    Thank you Caroline!
    I’ve tried IE a couple of times but every single time I had to evaluate if I was at 3 or 6 or 5 on that hunger/fullness scale I rebelled against it, it remainded me of WW Points, so I gave up IE. Now I’m leaving that part to others and try to evaluate if I’m hungry, famelic, a little hungry ecc without numbers or sheets.

  3. D. Pond says:

    Hello Caroline,

    Thank you for your blog — your posts are very helpful in my attempt to deprogram myself from years of diet crap. FYI, the other resource that has helped me immensely, and that seems to share a similar philosophy with yours, is the Ellyn Satter Institute. In case you haven’t run into her work, here is a link:

  4. J. says:

    The Intuitive Eating communities I frequent don’t have the Hunger/Fullness Scale “hang up” as much as they have the “gentle nutrition” hang up. When someone wonders (since her pants are getting tighter) if she should start incorporating “gentle nutrition” they all pat her on the back and call it “good self-care”.
    This is my biggest issue with the book – nine chapters railing on about how “there are no good or bad foods” followed by an entire chapter encouraging you to incorporate *more* “good foods”.