Being Unwilling to Gain Weight

It’s important to remember that the more you resist your weight, the harder (or more impossible) it will be to get to a neutral and intuitive place with food. THAT is the big missing piece I see in other people’s intuitive eating work and teachings.

When I see teachers who are trying to teach normal eating but are promising weight loss, or not highlighting how corrosive and destructive our cultural fat phobia is… that’s a big red flag to me. Lessons on listening to your hunger are going to fall short if you are still petrified of your body. That’s still a diet masked as “intuitive eating”.

In this way, The Fuck It Diet not only teaches radical ideas on the biology of hunger, famine, metabolism, and appetite… but also a very important spotlight on how our cultural obsession with weight loss has created wide-spread disordered and dysfunctional eating.

Beware of intuitive eating teachers who promise weight loss – or who simply do not talk about how body image directly affects your ability to be normal with food.

Ask yourself, what are the specific ways you are still avoiding or resisting your body and your weight? Are you still unwilling to gain weight as part of this process? What are the emotional or belief based reasons why? What has this culture convinced you of that keeps you so stuck? What could your life be like if you eschewed that bullshit?

What parts of you do you insist on hating? What are the things about your body that you are convinced are fully legitimate for you to hate?

These places that we are still resisting, are the places that will keep us stuck and miserable and in limbo as far as the fuck it diet and full food intuition is concerned.


  1. Pouya says:

    Thank you !
    This feels amazing …
    Just what I was searching for … I don’t know why I went as far as page 6 on google search. I normally don’t even check page 2. I think I know why. I was being guided.
    Thanks again for reminding me that I just have to FUCK IT, FUCK DIETS, FUCK RESISTING DELICIOUS FOOD, FUCK THE “PERFECT” GYM BODY. fuck muscles …
    and enjoy life.

  2. Angie says:

    Yes! You cannot let go of body hatred and diet mentality without being okay with gaining weight. The intuitive eating books do not spend enough time on this; and as far as I know no one has written a book on how to work through the process of gaining weight.

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