Eating the Smallest Amount Possible

  1. Tordy says:

    This makes so much sense. Right now I’m in a stage where I’m trying to let myself eat whatever it is I’m craving, to give less power to these foods. One thing I’ve noticed was that now that I let myself have cookies, I have a full box in my pantry and do not desire them as much as I did when I restricted. But I still have trouble letting myself eat until I am full without guilt. But it’s all a journey and I’m making progress! Thank you for all your posts, they are seriously a huge help.

  2. Aaron says:

    Someone in France who I don’t feel like looking up right now once said “You can never be too rich or too thin.” In a certain place and time, that made a certain sort of humorous sense. Life as we know it has certain potentially annoying limits. The thing that makes nonsense relative is a matter of psychology, in a way it wouldn’t if we were gods. Since we’re not, there’s a spectrum of annoyance or mental illness that’s much broader for a human being than for a canine or a rodent. Power corrupts. Sufficient power does not. Sufficient power is impossible. Now I’m starting to sound like I’m channeling Frankenstein. The cure for the human condition isn’t sex or death. It’s being a god. Good luck with that. Obviously you’re too well-adjusted to see this as poignant, but there’s lots of anorexics and transhumanists out there. Who knows how many? One tends not to advertise it, when one is a certain kind of deviant. Well, I’m anonymous now, so… Food is like money, only you can eat it. And it doesn’t keep so well. Bother.

  3. darlene says:

    I LOVE your bracelet! and your blog. Thank you. xoxo

  4. Julie Bird says:

    Thank you for adding some sanity to my life!