Fat Shaming is Trauma

“Fat Shaming is Trauma”
-Jes Baker

In Fuckiteer Academy, I teach how our limiting beliefs are causing panic over weight and eating, and what to do about it.

And it’s true. They are.

But it is important to note that you are not stupid or foolish or silly for believing the things you have been taught about weight. You are not weak for being afraid of gaining weight – because we live in a society that is absolutely cruel and brutal to fat people.

Being shamed overtly or covertly, is trauma. Living in a society that fat shames is constant trauma too. This is why gaining weight causes major panic – we live in a society that tells you that gaining weight is the last thing we should do. We live in a society where people are openly ridiculed for gaining weight or being fat in the media. This is trauma, this is cruelty, and this is very real. It is happening constantly. Of course we have developed coping mechanisms to try and do anything we can to avoid the pain of being shamed and ostracized.

Experiences of being shamed, or feeling shamed, or witnessing other people being shamed based on their body, and then being told that you deserve to be shamed because your weight and body size are all your fault, will lead you to develop coping mechanisms to try and avoid this pain in the future.

Not to mention that one of our top ways to try and avoid feeling this pain, is to put our bodies through the physically traumatic experience of dieting and restriction and metabolism fuckwithery, in order to try and avoid triggering the trauma of being privately or publicly shamed for your size or looks. That is all fucking trauma. And it’s also trying to avoid trauma with more trauma. It is painful, it is real, and it’s no wonder we are all so emotional and anxious and hard on ourselves.

All we can do, is our best. All we can do is try to discharge old stuck energy in our bodies by grounding and being in our bodies. All we can do is try to be aware of the limiting beliefs we have subconsciously taken to be true that are causing extra pain. And all we can do, is whatever work in this world that we are meant to do to make it a kinder place.

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