How Do I Know What To Eat?

This blog title is actually a common search term people use who end up finding my site.

How do you know what to eat?

It’s as simple as your cravings.

We are so afraid of our cravings. We seem to think that if we just eliminated cravings, we would be so healthy and happy and be-a-u-tiful!

But here is a little secret: if you didn’t have cravings, you might actually die. Because you wouldn’t care to eat. And you wouldn’t eat what your body needed. You’d keep eating salads when your body really needed carbs. You’d keep eating fish when your body really needed fruit. You’d keep eating polenta when your body really needed some fat.

Cravings are not the villains we think they are.

This applies to you both if you are in the midst of what feels like Binge Eating Disorder, or if you are now completely normal with food.

If you currently feel out of control with food, you probably think that cravings are your enemy. You’re probably in the camp of “if only I didn’t have cravings…”

But the more you resist those cravings, the stronger they will be. Most people crave carbs because they actually need them. If you’re restricting, the body wants to re-feed. It needs surplus. It needs calories. And if you’re craving dense foods, there is a reason for that. It’s the easiest way to fix your body from it’s low metabolic state. The body wants to know that there is enough. Feeding it carbs will take it out of that low metabolic, starvation, is there a famine state.

The sooner you allow cravings, the sooner you will give the body what it needs, and allow your mind to lessen the power of those foods too.

If you are someone who is normal with food, that means you’re already giving into your cravings, and you know that following what you desire is the best way to feel fed, satiated, and truly be able to hear what you truly need, ongoing.

If you deny what you’re body is craving, there is a backup. The body believes that it can’t get what it needs and so it just tries to speak up louder. This is the cause of lots of bingeing.

Just listen to your cravings. It’s the closest thing to loud intuition you’ll ever experience.