How to Start Loving Your Body NOW

  1. S. says:

    Ahhhhh I have just had this very own realization for myself within the last two weeks! And most important, I have realized that in order to be happy- I have to MAKE myself happy and no one else! I have chosen to be happy, and I have chosen to be strong, and see the positive side of life….and because of that my life has turned around 100%! Its perceptive that makes the difference! Have a positive outlook! 🙂

  2. ally0929 says:

    This was a brilliant post. I have been interested in Positive Body Image for a long time and have read a ton, taken classes, taken up practices…..and STILL, I don’t feel like I really GET it fully. Your post gave me hope—with time and persistence, I will heal. 🙂

  3. Ann B says:

    Fabulous! Right on! You go girl! Thank you big time! Yes, yes, yes! Just bought clothes from thrift store yesterday…and put back the one with too tight elastic on the sleeves. Not going to buy anything that doesn’t fit perfectly now. Unless it’s the 5 sizes too big shirt for $6.99 to be made into a long lightweight plum faux suede jacket…for my now body. Woohoo!

  4. Ann B says:

    This website is helping me to find the pretty at my current appearance.

  5. Ninabeenribeena says:

    Hallefrickinllujah! All of these things. I am quite far along the body acceptance thing, and I feel tremendously grateful to feel as content as I do with my body and my relationship with food. And yet….right now there is a small bag of clothes at the bottom of my wardrobe THAT ARE TOO SMALL FOR ME. They have not been there in a one-day-I’m-going-to-diet -my-way-into-these-beautiful-small-clothes-made-for-beautiful-small-people capacity. The truth is I have been losing weight very slowly in the last three years since I got off the yo-yo dieting wagon, and I wanted to keep those clothes (completely out of sight though) just in case my body decided it wanted to go that size smaller. Well let me tell you, today I’m going to take that bag of clothes and I’m going to give it to the local charity shop, and then literally there will not be a scrap of clothing in my wardrobe that doesn’t fit me wooohoooo! Thanks for this great post! xxxxxxx

  6. Stacy McDonald says:

    I’ve been saying, “I love and trust you body! Thanks for being the house of my soul this time on Earth”. I deliver Meals on Wheels because they are home bound. Man, am I lucky I’m not!

  7. Peggy joan says:

    I am tired of keeping my ‘small clothes’ with hopes of wearing them. i am tired of planning to make friends, go to my grand-children’s games, walk outside in the daylight, etc. WHEN i lose weight. I have been doing this so long. IT’S TIME TO STOP ALL THAT AND TIME TO START LIVING. amen thank you so much for this blog! (thank you Nina)

  8. katedaily says:

    Like a punch to the gut (in the best way). I have been trying to “love myself thin” like I could trick myself into being size __. I have literally caught myself mentally announcing, “Hey! Go ahead and eat as many cookies as you want, self!” then hiding behind the couch in my brain and waiting to see if I magically don’t want cookies anymore. It’s exhausting. I’ve been turned against myself for so long it’s hard to see any other way of being. Thank you for this.

  9. Alex says:

    But I’m young and I want to be attractive. Who doesn’t? When I got skinny people told me I look better. I don’t want to be at a weight which is not natural for me anymore because sooner or later my body will fight against it. But I want to be at a weight where I still look nice. I just can’t say to myself “It would be ok to be fat”. Do you think it’s necessairy? I’m attracted to one boy and he’s so skinny and now I’m gaining weight… Just imagine how I would look like next to him. I’m kind of desperate. What should I do? Should I try to change my mind?

    • AnnB says:

      I have two sons, and both have chosen very round women. They didn’t choose these ladies based on size, but on personality. When you eventually date to find a spouse, your size then will not be an issue for someone who is truly interested in you as a wife and mother. He will seek you out, and you will be beautiful to him. Believe him.

  10. AnnB says:

    Alex, boys are naturally skinny and don’t begin to look like fully muscled men until well into their twenties. You are young and really don’t need to be worried about dating. Dating is for adults who are seeking a spouse in the near future. You date to find out who that person is for at minimum18 months. If they appear to be marriage material, then 6 months of premarital counseling to finalize the decision of whether or not you two are a match. AND you keep your clothes on until ring and marriage night. Read Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s books.’
    If you want to be your natural weight, stop dieting, stop restricting foods, stop restricting calories and eat consistently enough calories to be active and happy. If you have the energy (by enough calories and nutrients) your body size will be what it is meant to be….higher or lower than now by never again believing you live in famine Ethiopia.
    For now you need to finish high school. Learn a trade by going to trade school or business college…another professional school or whatever you want to learn to possibly have your own business or work out of your home or a company with whatever wage or benefits you personally desire.
    Again, eating enough will give your brain the energy to pursue your dreams…and up the ante from what your current dreams may be. Well nourished you will want more than the basics, but still be satisfied with what is.

    Schooling/education beyond high school will more likely put you in contact with responsible young men. But never forget, ALL men are always thinking naked woman/naked woman/naked woman. Just because they do, doesn’t mean you need to show/give yours to catch one of the good guys. Actually, holding out until marriage will gain their respect for you and you will be more likely to have a great man desire you to be his cherished wife and mother of his children.
    Work and be on your own and learn who you are. Then consider dating to find a spouse. Pick wisely and treat kindly.

  11. Kate says:

    When I start worrying about and hating my body I try to imagine myself at 80 looking at a picture of myself today and what I would think. Probably “wow look how young and pretty I was” and “I can’t believe I was so worried about how flabby my arms were or if my muffin top was visible”. It helps me remember that hating my body is just not worth my time and doesn’t make me the best possible me. It makes me shy and quiet and not fun because I’m in my head and worried. It’s more important for me to feel free (from worries and self-doubt), be in the moment and have fun than to worry about what other people might be thinking about my body parts. Because fuck them if they don’t like what they see.

  12. April says:

    Love this article and the comments. Just got home from shopping for clothes. I said a lot of not nice things about my body to my wife and she hates when I do that. I decided to change that today which is why I found this article. Thank you all. I need to get rid of my smaller clothes. I call them of my Martin Luther kings because ” I have a dream” that someday my ass will fit into them. I realize now how defeating this I is.