Is The Fuck It Diet just GIVING UP on My Health?

I get it. You’re petrified. I’ve been there.

You’re thinking, Isn’t it ok to care about my health? Isn’t it ok to care about how I feed myself?

Sure. Feeding yourself well is important part of self care.

But it all depends how you are defining “feeding yourself”?

Because eating the smallest amount possible, trying to eat perfectly, eating in a way that is trying to control your weight… those things are not good for your health, your life, or your happiness.

I used to try to make sure everything I ate was the healthiest thing possible. Everything had to be the best thing for my weight. Everything. Every single day. Of my life.

And it just led to the craziest, worst, most obsessive, most miserable, most unhealthy relationship with food, ever.

I couldn’t choose healthy food without feeling like it was a chore, and I couldn’t eat anything that deviated without feeling like I was irresponsible and horrible. And this was an incessant thought process. Bargaining, comparing, judging myself, berating myself, repenting, failing. Constant. Misery.

And I had no idea what my body actually wanted.

The whole point of The Fuck It Diet is to get SO out of your way, to go so far in the other direction, with so much self love for yourself, understanding that you are repairing your metabolism and screwy relationship with food, that eventually, you start to be able to choose food based on what you actually want.

And the beautiful thing is that you will learn that what you actually want is varied, balanced, delicious, healthy and decadent. Your appetite will normalize.

Your life will become about your life and not about food and weight.

And isn’t that the fucking POINT?!?!?!

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