What Are You REALLY Looking For?

It’s a new year. And it is going to be awesome.

But if you’re finding yourself saying I need to lose weight. Pause.

There is something underneath that.

You are actually looking for something else.

You’re looking for peace, happiness, fulfillment, health, vibrancy, passion, purpose, excitement, grounding, connection, creativity, fun, validation, confidence, love, expression, clarity…

For some reason we are taught time and time again that weight loss will give us those things.

It won’t.

And if you are stuck because you recall a time when you lost weight and felt better, it was all totally happening in your head.

Meaning, you lost weight (temporarily, or painfully, or you wouldn’t be here) and you felt better, happier, and more connected because you finally let yourself, you finally think you deserve it.

But you always deserved it. And if you’d always believed it, you always would have been able to experience that confidence, radiance, peace, and connectedness, or whatever else you think you are seeking.

The happiness is happening fully in your head.

And guess what!?!?!?!?!?! THAT’S GREAT NEWS!

That means that you can actually experience what you’re seeking without any of the external weight or validation stuff.

You want connection? Reach out to people.

You want love? Give love. Let yourself receive love.

You want passion? Get excited about something. Follow a dream. Decide you deserve it NOW.

He-LLO! It can ALL happen NOW!

You are being totally controlled by your ingrained limiting beliefs that are telling you that weight loss is the only way to be happy and accepted.

Lose the beliefs, and all of a sudden you’re free.

Be a body rebel. Fuck It.