What do you REALLY want?

You know what makes us all feel really uncomfortable?

…. Figuring out what we REALLY want.

That thing that is so exciting to our souls, that most of us avoid it at all costs – because the let down would be to great. Because failing would hurt too much. Because it would make us feel too vulnerable, breakable, open, human… Alive.

So instead we just shut it down. “That’s not real life! Ha! Real life is practical, straight forward, difficult. ….Also I need to lose 25 pounds.”

We shut down our unique voices, viewpoints, eccentricities, joys, hidden desires, and decide to try and conquer and control instead. 

And lots of us do this in a specific way: 

We bury our dreams and decide that controlling our bodies is a better bet than risking.

“This way I’ll be infallible, beautiful, loved.”

Risking is foolish and dangerous and holds no guarantees. Dominating our own weight feels much more straightforward and doable- and noble.

“Now people will take me seriously. Oh how did I get this CEO position? I only eat avocados and Icelandic lamb meat. Yea, I know, I work really hard. You probably couldn’t do it.”

We are looking for that feeling of being alive. We want that feeling of freedom, joy, presence, confidence …aliveness. We don’t know how to put our finger on it. It feels like maybe external approval is the way. Maybe conquering this earthly plane. We decide that being untouchable beautiful and healthy is the way to do that.

It’s not.

And this isn’t your fault…. This is what our society tells you. Of course you believe it. We just want to be loved! We just want to be happy.

Also… Don’t get me wrong, healthy is great. But restriction and fearful control isn’t the path to well rounded health. I promise.

But the truth is, we are fallible. We are mortal. We are only here for a short time. What we REALLY want us to feel alive. To risk. To dare and to feel.

The other truth, is that beauty is subjective. Confidence is attractive. And health is also an emotional and spiritual endeavor (and also restriction really messes up lots of hormone:metabolism function.)

You can’t control your body and hope it will make you feel more happy and alive.

Open up.

Eating is the first step, but this part is just as important.

What is your buried dream?

What have you been avoiding?

What truth have you been ignoring?