The Reason your Intuitive Eating Won’t Work

I tried to eat intuitively for 6 years.

I thought that my (slightly obsessive) intuitive healed me from my “food addiction”.

But I still spent my entire life thinking about my next meal, rating my hunger level, worried that I was doing it wrong and “eating too much”. And worst of all, my life was still one long weight loss attempt.

Intuitive eating had just become the new diet du jour.

Oh, but it wasn’t a diet, is what I told myself. It was ‘what Europeans did’, or whatever.

I am here to tell you, that kind of intuitive eating, is still a diet. It’s just a diet by a different name.

If you are still very concerned with keeping your weight controlled, or losing weight, you’re on a diet. Even if you “let yourself eat whatever you want”. If your mind constantly worries about gaining weight, you’re on a diet. If you are able to “mess up”, you’re on a diet. If you get stressed when you “eat too much”, you’re on a diet.

How to free yourself from this?

  1. You need a deep desire to be free from this cycle. You have to really want it. You have to really want a life where weight and eating is not at top of mind every day. You have to be miserable enough to want a big change.
  2. You have to choose to trust your body. You have to decide, radical as it may sound, that your body is your friend. That your body just wants food because you’ve sort of been trying to restrict it all along. You have to want to feed your body and trust that that is the only way to heal it and calm it down.
  3. You have to commit to gaining weight. I don’t know how much weight your body wants to gain. I can’t give you a number. I can’t tell you if it is going to stay there or then slowly lose weight once your body and metabolism and appetite feel safe.
  4. You have to let yourself eat a lot. For years you’ve been trying to eat the smallest amount possible. That’s how you got yourself into this mess. The only way the body can find balance after this low grade restriction, is to swing in the other direction. Let it happen.

You can join my self-study program, Fuckiteer Academy: The Rebel’s Survival Guide, to get guidance on how to deal with the mental and emotional side of this whole thing. See you on the other side!