The Worst Thing About Being on a Diet

This is one of the top searches that leads people to the Fuck It Diet…

They google: “The Worst Thing About Being On A Diet.”

So let me try and name what some of the worst things are about being on a diet, just to answer that question right off the bat.

Maybe the worst thing is that you are messing up your body’s natural appetite regulation.

Maybe it’s that restriction will lower your metabolism and make your body more fixated on food as part of the biological reaction.

Maybe it’s because diet culture makes you believe that any inability to stay on a diet is your fault, instead of just the way your body is wired.

Maybe it’s that dieting makes you anti-social and focused on the wrong way to achieve health.

Maybe it’s because it makes weight an important focus on your life.

Maybe because it teaches you not to trust your natural impulses and instincts.

Maybe it’s because it leads to bingeing.

Maybe it’s the doctors recommend dieting and weight loss as if it is a cure-all and don’t know what the #$@* they are talking about.

Maybe it’s because dieting is recommended before other more health affirming practices (like stress relief and rest.)

Maybe it’s because most diet foods suck.

Maybe it’s because you’ll spend your days hungry and think it’s healthy.

Maybe because it’s convinced you that if you can just shrink down enough, you’ll suddenly be worthy to take up space. Read that again. That makes no sense.

What do you think the worst part of dieting is? I can’t decide.

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  1. Cortney says:

    The constant fixation on food is the worst for me. I get so stuck on what is going into my mouth (the quality, the calories, etc.) that I do not live my life. I am too busy tracking every morsel of food to enjoy it. I spend so much energy with eating that I do not have the energy (or mental capacity) to achieve other goals in my life. Giving up dieting has given me the time and energy to change me life for the better (i.e. getting promotions, doing better in school, discovering hobbies. I even started a blog). This was literally ALL BECAUSE I GAVE UP DIETING. Dieting is a parasite that sucks the life force out of you.

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