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"Tired as F*ck is a hilarious and poignant look at why we are all so exhausted, and what we can do about it."

most of us are.

“This book is what Caroline Dooner does best. . . . Hilarious, relatable, yet unflinchingly honest, Tired as F*ck, is an empowering memoir every woman needs to read.”

- Amanda White, author of Not Drinking Tonight

“I laugh-cried all the way though this biting critique of self-help bullshit and manipulative power structures. Dooner has written something deeply of the moment and relatable as f*ck.”


“This book is what Caroline Dooner does best. . . . Hilarious, relatable, yet unflinchingly honest, Tired as F*ck, is an empowering memoir every woman needs to read. Caroline tackles this topic head-on while also guiding readers back to themselves. In a time when most memoirs shout ‘if I accomplished this, you can do it, too!,’ Tired as F*ck implores us to truly take care of ourselves and f*cking rest.”

“With the voice of a funny, honest, and relatable friend, she takes you on her journey to find acceptance by any means necessary. This book will force you to see just how wildly obsessed we’ve become with the quest for beauty, thinness, and pseudo ‘health’ that you just may decide to get off the roller coaster and rest, too.”

"Tired as F*ck takes The F*ck It Diet mindset and focuses it on the countless ways we must rebel against the ‘hustle and grind’ culture that leaves us exhausted and depleted. Dooner opens up about her own anxieties and trauma in a style that is somehow light and hopeful, inviting us all to consider how we’ve grown up and grown older in a world that asks us to prioritize progress and productivity over actual health and well-being.”

"Tired as F*ck is, quite frankly, relatable as f*ck. With her relatable stories and humorous writing, Caroline will make you feel seen, heard, and understood in an experience we all know too well: feeling constantly exhausted but not being able to pinpoint why. In a society that’s constantly burned out, this book will reenergize you—physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.”

“Caroline manages to weave her personal stories into the broader cultural narrative in a way that makes you simultaneously laugh, cringe, exhale, and feel less alone. Smart, funny, witty, and just in time, Tired as F*ck is exactly the kind of medicine we need right now.”

"A brave and bracing manifesto that will be welcomed by any reader living in the aftermath of burnout—or trying to avoid it."

- Amanda Montell, author of Cultish and Wordslut

 - Amanda White, author of Not Drinking Tonight

- Whitney Goodman, LMFT, author of Toxic Positivity

- Lexie Kite, PHD, coauthor of More Than a Body

- Mary Jelkovsky, author of The Gift of Self-Love

- Laura Mckowen, bestselling author of We Are The Luckiest and founder of The Luckiest Club

- Publishers Weekly

A little background from the author:

In 2016, four years after I healed my relationship with food, I realized I was exhausted, burnt out, and ... filled with existential dread. So I started a new radical healing period, and went on "two years of rest".

I moved out of New York City, simplified my life, and tried to declutter my mind of lots of arbitrary, cultural beliefs about success and happiness. Tired as F*ck is the story of how that burnout came to be, in a culture that encouraged my descent into burnout, and then, what I did about it (rest!).

The book came out February 8, 2022. You can now read the beginning for free or order it from the list above.


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